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Modern Bridal Dress Styles


“A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality & style of the bride.”                                                        -Carolina Herrera

The most important day of her life, a day she’s dreamt of since she was a little girl, the day when her life as a woman officially commences, her biggest day yet – A Brides Wedding Day!

Amidst all the revelry and celebration, for a bride, the most important aspect is to look as glorious and as special as possible, and it is here that the wedding dress comes into effect.

To make her special day dreamlike, magical and mystical, a bride’s best bet will be a well defined outfit in a modern, bridal dress style that will set her apart from everyone else and make the day truly her crowning glory.

The bridal outfit usually sets the tone for what the rest of the bridal party, including the groom, wears and ultimately sets the tone for the whole wedding. If you are in Australia, the designer wedding store When Freddie met Lilly is your one perfect stop for all types of wedding wear imaginable for any kind of wedding-whether a beach wedding, garden wedding, church wedding, or any other. Set up close to the CBD of Brisbane, the store stocks and also customizes all kinds of modern bridal dress styles for your convenience and comfort.

Modern Bridal Dress Styles for Every Body Type

When Freddie met Lilly has perfect wedding gowns in every style and silhouette to suit your body type. Although details are important, a long row of soft pearl buttons and a well-placed ruffle or two can mean the difference between a good wedding dress and a great one, it is best to first figure out the silhouette that works best for you before nitpicking the details. Focus on your personal sense of style and which dress style flatters you the most.

For example, if you are pear shaped, choose from any one of our beautiful gowns that gradually flares out from the waist to floor, with a delicately strapped bodice or a V-neckline to showcase your slender upper body.

If you are well busted, choose a dress with a scooped neckline and avoid fabrics that have a sheen like organza, silk, etc. If you are plus sized, there are a wide range of empire dresses that will go well with your personalities and play up your shape. Apple shaped brides can make their selection from dress style that cinches in at the smallest point on the waistline, then flares out into a gradual A shape.

At our store, we stock up on dresses that not only suit your body type, but are also beautiful from the top to the hem. Choosing a gown with a well designed neckline, like our Veronica Gown, Holly Gown or Phoenix Gown, is a must as the top of the dress is what most guests notice and also which shows up in those beloved treasures- the wedding pictures.

Modern Bridal Dress Styles for Every Wedding Type

At When Freddie met Lilly, our aim is to provide a bride with her dream gown appropriate for any wedding type. Select your favourite from the range of floor length gowns and long trains for a formal ceremony, or go informal all the way with shorter gowns with or without straps.
In case you opt for a colourful wedding, choose from dress colours that match your skin tone and in which you feel most beautiful, from diamond white to off white to champagne and silver to actual colours like peach, mocha, red, etc. Choose thicker fabrics for a winter wedding and light, thin fabrics for an outdoor or a beach wedding.

You will be spoilt for choice at our store with our collection of beautiful modern bridal dress styles, and we encourage you to drop all inhibitions and take your time to try out as many dresses as you want! After all, just as it takes time to find a husband or wife, it takes time to find the perfect gown.

Happy Shopping!

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