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Why a Maroon Wedding is perfect for Autumn

The colour goes by names like maroon, plum, burgundy, oxblood, wine. And this brownish-red hue works unbelievably well for wedding celebrations. We are sharing our ideas below with you, autumn brides, to show why a maroon wedding theme is best for the season ahead!

It’s luxurious, classy, sophisticated…and without a doubt the most popular wedding colour for the coming autumn and winter seasons!

This stylish shade has a regal, opulent feel to it. You can incorporated it into your ring, your wedding dress, shoes, makeup and hair accessories, your bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, textiles and décor or even the groom’s suit! (of course not all at the same time!)

What to mix with maroon

There are enough colours that go with maroon, to inspire your creativity! Maroon is flattering. And combined or in contrast with the right colours, this hue stands out and makes a statement.

You could choose the easy way out, go big and colour block your wedding in a maroon colour scheme, or play with contrasting hues for fun.

Colours like gold, black or dark neutrals give a glamorous feel to maroon, and look classy. Because maroon is “the other black”!

It’s a rich colour, great for this time of year. In the colder months, complement your maroon dresses beautifully with other autumn colours that are on the opposite end of the colour-wheel, like burgundy, gold and orange (which makes maroon a happier colour.) Brighten it with a little white, repeated in your white dress.

Maroon and feminine pastels like soft blush are also good mates.

Maroon styling for the bride

Our Dannish Gown here at When Freddie met Lilly is an example of a lovely blush dress with a high neck, which you could wear with a maroon bouquet. The Byrdie Gown, in maroon, also has a high neck and a flowy style.

Our Suzanah Gowna white halter neck dress with a cross-over front, is an example of a white dress which would look stunning with a green crown and maroon bouquet with a protea!

Want a backless dress for your maroon wedding? Then the maroon Willow Maxi Dress is the dress for you.

Our Anastasia Gown with Long Sleeves is the ultimate formal gown. It’s flirtatious and slim fitted – a white dress also with an open back – which can be worn with a maroon bouquet and a bright pink lipstick! For something different try our Dalaney 2 piece gown with its gorgeous lace top.

Maroon bridesmaid dresses

For the stylish yet understated monochromatic route, lighten the mood by pairing your maroon bridesmaids’ dresses with varying shades of pink. Take a look at our Romance Gown here at When Freddie met Lilly, where we compliment the maroon dress with simply two light pink roses and a bright pink lipstick!

Or make sure you wear white with you bridesmaids’ maroon dresses and green bouques – tied with white ribbons.

How about choosing a maroon design with a blush lace bodice for them – and a white bouquet complimenting your lacy white dress. Or even think dusty blue tulle-dresses for your bridesmaids with a maroon and white bouquet.

You can also get married on a wine farm. Imagine shades of maroon, burgundy, plum, dark-red, and wine. Then your groomsmen can wear dark grey suits with deep maroon bowties, which match your merlot-coloured bridesmaid gowns!

Accessories for your Maroon Wedding

Maroon accessories can be worn with any winter neutral hue for that bit of colour, like a navy dress with a maroon bouquet.

Or try and match our black Ruston cuff here from When Freddie met Lilly with a lacy maroon dress, for a classic statement!

Alternatively, add a pop-up of a contrasting colour such as dusty blue gemstone earrings and necklace, or a silk pocket square for the groom.

And last but not least: Don’t forget everyone’s maroon-coloured lipstick (if not wearing pink) or maroon nail varnish.

A maroon suit for your man!

If he loves maroon, a rich, red-hued wedding suit will do, which can be combined with any autumn colour shirt – brown, black or grey. Balance all colours with a tie in maroon and a complimenting colour – such as gold.

If he’s cautious of the colour, why not try a pair of pants in maroon? Add a neutral cream, grey or black shirt and there you go!

Or, he might choose a more classic look with only a pop-up of maroon in a charcoal grey suit.

How about a dusty blue one (with a maroon tie and boutonniere, of course.)

And you never know…he might like a blush suit with a maroon tie and boutonniere!…Soo romantic!

Autumn is indeed the best time of year if you like deep, rich colours. A maroon wedding is the perfect choice to match the falling leaves, especially if you plan to get married outdoors.

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