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Its a Formal Time of Year!

Formal Gown when freddie met lillyAs the year draws closer and closer to completion and people start slowing down in preparation for the holiday season. The girls at When Freddie met Lilly are busy busy busy!!

It’s an exciting time of year because all our beautiful girls are graduating from Year 12 and many have the biggest night of their lives coming up… Their Formal!

Its a very special occasion for the girls because its a great way to celebrate what was a stressful year and, a moment, to look to the future and the exciting opportunities that are to come. It’s a night to spend with friends you share memories with and a time to come together as a family and say, “We did it!”.

We are so privileged to watch these girls grow into women. We are so special you choose our dresses!!

The Girls, from When Freddie met Lilly


formal Bariano-Gown

formal Coco-Gown

formal Bessie-Gown

formal Moonbeam Maxi

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