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History of Wedding Dresses, Part 2

As with everything in life, the wedding dress had to start somewhere. But where exactly? Well, look no further because When Freddie met Lilly is here to bring you a little bit of history of wedding dresses that you may not have known about. Being one of the top Brisbane designers of wedding dresses, we want you to know exactly what your dress means. This way it holds more than just being the dress you will wear one time when you marry the person of your dreams.

Colour vs White

For several years, maybe even centuries white was never the colour choice for several brides. They normally tend to go with colours such as blues, floral’s, and even blacks. All this is because they never wanted to spend the money on a white dress that would easily stain and be useless. However, in 1840 when Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert she wore a white gown. Even though the gown had orange blossoms on it, it still inspired a trend of wedding gowns being white. This started the white dress fashion in the history of wedding dresses.

Nowadays all the top wedding dress designers chose white as their main colour. Take the Jemima Gown for example. Not only is it white from the new design, but it also has a nude underlay. This way you get both old and new world. This is dress brought to you by When Freddie met Lilly if features a deep v front and a mesh back, making it comfortable and airy for your big day.

History of Wedding Dresses Around the World

Every culture has a different opinion on what colour your wedding dress should be. Take China for example. Though they can choose any colour for their wedding gowns, they often chose red. Though in our eyes red is chosen for romance, which may be true, they chose red as it represents several things. To them, the main reason for red is it means success, good luck, and favourable. They hope this will give them a great blessing in their marriage. Countries such as India choose dresses in a golden tone. They even choose to change their gowns several times through the festivities to make sure they get the most from their wedding and marriage.

Modern Day Weddings

That is the thing about evolution and the world we live in today, you don’t have to follow the footsteps of those that came before us. In this day and age, you choose a gown that flatters you the most and something your spouse will love as well. There is no set dress, style, or colour you have to choose from. When Freddie met Lilly offers the top wedding dress designs. Dresses range from white such as the Chiara Gown to the icy blue of the Caprice Gown.

If you are looking for the dress of your dreams, whether you are following the history of wedding dresses or going with a more modern touch, stop by our Brisbane location today.

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