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Green Bridesmaid Gown

green bridesmaid gown wfml milla maxi jade greenSo you’ve chosen the perfect wedding gown from When Freddie met Lilly, and now you need to choose bridesmaid gowns. There are endless arrays of colours to choose from, but a green bridesmaid gown can contrast nicely with the white of a wedding gown. There are many different shades of green, and our shop carries green bridesmaid gown selections that can be tinted to match your vision.

Regardless of the wedding gown you’ve chosen there are bridesmaid gown that will complement the style. For example, if you’ve chosen a sleeveless design, then sleeveless dresses for your wedding party would be a good pairing; if your gown is backless, then you can choose from a selection of backless formal dresses.

Here are just a few offerings for you to choose from:

Milla Maxi

This dress is a definite head-turner! Made of 100% silk, the plunging design is soft, sleek and sassy. It can be tied and styled in a variety of ways, making this a versatile gown that you can wear again and again.

Xanadu Gown with Willow plaited belt

This sensational gown with matching Willow plaited belt is the perfect complement to almost any wedding dress style. Made of 100% silk and features neck ties with a WOW factor that won’t quit. You won’t want this to sit in your closet, you’ll want to wear it to all of your formal occasions.

Willow Maxi Cocktail

This is the perfect complement to a backless wedding gown. Made of 100% silk, it offers a jewelled neckline with a separate plaited belt. The neck ties are adorned with fringing and stone detail, making this a stunning dress that will definitely get attention.

At When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane, we design our formal gowns with today’s bride in mind; and modern brides love creativity, uniqueness and personality in their gowns. Whatever style bridesmaid gown you choose, our Brisbane shop can dye it any colour you wish. From a dark emerald green, to a lighter mint green, or anything in between, our designers will create the exact colour you need.

You can even choose a different shade for each bridal party member; traditionally, the Matron of Honour’s dress was slightly different in style and colour, but that doesn’t have to be the case in today’s weddings. Each member can have a different shade or even a different colour. As the bride, you are the boss and you can choose whatever style that fits your personality. If you want white stripes with purple polka dots, you can have that too (although, perhaps not recommended!)

At WFhen Freddie met Lilly, we know that every last detail of your wedding must be planned with precision. While grooms help plan some of the aspects of the day, the majority of details still fall with the bride, her parents and her bridesmaids. This means that dress shopping, while the most fun, can’t take up too much time or effort. That’s where we come in. We help you choose the best style that fits your budget. From initial choice to final fitting and everything in between, we help streamline the process so you can have the best green bridesmaid gown (and wedding gown) possible for your special day.

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