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Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

gold bridesmaid dress when freddie met lillyChoosing a colour to theme your wedding is hard enough, but when you have to find a bridesmaid dress that goes along with it can seem almost impossible. Brisbane’s designer When Freddie met Lilly creates stunning gold bridesmaid’s dresses. What so special about gold you may ask, it goes with everything. Below you can find some styles offered as well as some benefits of going with gold.

 Vintage Feel with Modern Flair

 Another issue some brides find themselves struggling with is trying to decide between a vintage dress or a modern dress. When you go with the Anastasia Sequinned Gown with long sleeves you get the best of both worlds. Here at When Freddie met Lilly we offer both a long sleeve and a short sleeve option.

However, if you are wanting to go with more of a vintage style, it is better to go with long sleeves. This dress is slim fitting with a little flair towards the bottom. It keeps your bridesmaids covered so it has features from the past. However, with its stunning open back, glittery sequined fabric, and side split, you have items of modern times as well.

 Beach Wedding Gold Bridesmaid Dress

 The colour gold makes for the perfect colour to use for a beach wedding. Gold will make the watercolours stand out more as well as look stunning against the sandy beach. If you are looking for the perfect gold bridesmaid dresses, then look no further than the Bariano Sequin & Mesh Maxi. One reason this dress is great of a beach wedding is the fact that it is made from mesh. This means your bridesmaids will not get overheated. However, the best feature of this dress is by far the back. This sequin and sheer back is one that is for sure a head turner. When you go with this dress you can’t go wrong.

 Any Dress Turned Gold

 Being one of the top Brisbane designers, When Freddie met Lilly can customize any dress to your liking. Therefore, if you want to go with gold bridesmaid dresses, yet can’t find a gold one in the style you like, we can fix it for you! Any dresses offered can be customized, not only the colour but by size, length, and details as well.

 Why Go with A Gold Dress

There are several benefits to going with a gold dress. They can be worn time and time again, so no matter what your bridesmaids will love them. Gold comes in several shades, so whether you want dark or light, you can find it. It doesn’t show dirt easily if an accident happens. Last but not least, it is beautiful on anyone no matter their size, shape, or features.

Here at When Freddie met Lilly we offer only the highest quality of dresses. That why you and your bridesmaid will be able to cherish them for years to come. If you are looking to dress your wedding party in the best attire out there, stop by our stop today. You can find anything you can imagine, and if you can’t we can create it!

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