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Go for White Bridesmaid Dresses

In 2017, brides are breaking another huge wedding rule, and guess what? They’re ditching THEIR Queen Victoria-inspired traditional white dress and hand it over to their bridesmaids, who now dress in white instead, while the bride choose a dramatic colourful or patterned dress!  Other brides stick at least to an off-white dress, and and go for bright white bridesmaid dresses, or vice versa.

This is by far the hottest wedding trend for this year. But does that mean that your bridesmaids are going to steal your show? Can’t see why an all-white wedding party can’t be original, something different, and almost pure, like we all know the colour white projects. But there’s a few rules to this dary colour choice:

1. Stick to simple white bridesmaid dresses

Prove your wedding party can look beautiful in white by choosing for yourself a traditional gown with maybe lace embellishments and other details, but streamlined simple dresses for your bridesmaids, like modern column gowns, edgy romper or even pantsuit styles.

2. Give them a different silhouette from yours

What works surprisingly well with a wedding, is this. Make the shape, silhouettes and necklines of their dresses differ from yours. You go with a typical wedding dress structure and contours, and your bridesmaids in normal formal wear, even if it’s in the same colour and fabric. Or if yours is the structured minimal look, dress them in a cowl-neck drape. Or with a crewneck in your classic bridal gown alongside the deep V-neck in your bridesmaids dress. For the party, choose long sleeves for you and thin straps/strapless sleeves for your bridesmaids.

3. Make the shape of each dress different

Exchange the matchy white dresses of your bridesmaids for differently-shaped designs. If done well, this will look amazing. Mix and match them subtly, so YOU still catch all the shine!  Have a look at our Charlize Cocktail or even at one 0f the longer bridesmaid dresses here at When Freddie met Lilly, 0r how about our Rachel Gown. We have a lot of designs, we can customise in white for you. Elegant designs look attractive all different in off-white, with each bridesmaid styling her hair differently for even a more relaxed look! But don’t forget to have each girl carry the same bouquet to pull their look together!

4. Give each dress a different length

You may even decide to go for your white bridesmaid dresses shorter, while your’s stay elegantly longer. This will also make a striking different gesture.

5. Add different accessories to their dresses

Just like different silhouettes, shapes and skirt lengths, accessories can be used as contrast, like subdued floral wreaths in their hair, and beaded headbands or bracelets for a more formal due. Don’t forget to have a look at our lovely accessories here at When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane!

6. Distinguish with the material of the dresses

Use a different fabric texture to focus the attention on yourself, like with an embellished, all lace gown and a solid one, like silk, satin or even tulle for them.

7. Go for different white bridesmaid dresses

Rather than wearing a different colour to your bridesmaids to steal the show, go for a different white, which creates an interesting effect next to the other whites. Each white highlights the undertone of the other. Stick to the same shade of white for your bridesmaids, and make them wear gold with their ivory dress or silver with bright white.

Bridesmaid dresses, all in white, which are subtly mixed-and-matched with contrast and distinguishing touches, will contribute to your gorgeous all-white wedding, and make sure you’re making a statement and shine on your big day – just make sure you’re keeping within the rules!

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