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Homecoming: Often the First Occasion for Teens to Wear Formal Suits and Gowns in the USA

formal suitsLilly’s niece is doing an exchange year in the United States and is going to an American High School. She’s having so much fun meeting new people and learning about traditions in America.

One milestone in lots of American teenagers’ lives is their first Homecoming Dance where teens often wear their first formal suits and dresses.

Lilly’s niece is a very fun and gregarious young lady, and she quickly found friends when she got to the exchange school. When one of her nicest classmates asked her to go to Homecoming with him, she agreed.

Oh, cool, she thought, that must be Prom, and she was pleased to have remembered to bring along her very suave When Freddie Met Lilly formal gown, which she had worn at her school formal and never wanted to take off again. Here was going to be that opportunity!

The previous year, Lilly’s niece had gone to her school formal in Australia with a group of her best friends. They always did everything together; go to school, do homework, hang out, go to the cinema or shopping. And they also went shopping for their formal suits and gowns together. They made appointments with the experts at When Freddie met Lilly’s, and went together to find stunning gowns and formal suits for each member of the clique. And of course they went to their formal together wearing their gorgeous custom suits and dazzling made to measure gowns.

When she got home from school that day, she told her guest Mom about the invitation and was going on about how she was so glad she brought her formal dress with her. And about how she and her friends had bought their first formal suits and dresses together. She remembered all of a sudden that she was a little homesick sometimes, but cheered up when she talked about getting to wear her beautiful formal gown to the Homecoming Dance.

But she was taken aback when her guest Mom laughed out loud. Her guest Mom quickly regained her composure and kindly smiled at Lilly’s niece and let her in on what was so funny; Homecoming is not to be confused with Prom!

Homecoming is a century-old establishment in the United States. It is an annual ritual which is held in the fall. The school’s alumni are invited to re-visit their school (whether it is a High School or University). There are lots of activities around this visit, including a sports game, especially held as the Homecoming Game. The school that Lilly’s niece is attending traditionally has a football game (American football, not to be confused with soccer!) during Homecoming Week, the Homecoming Game. After that game, which incidentally must be won by the school having Homecoming (that’s why a weaker team is invited), there is the eagerly awaited Homecoming Dance, to which Lilly’s niece had been invited.

The guest Mom told her all about the differences between prom and homecoming. All students can go to the Homecoming Dance, which is intended to be more informal than Prom. At prom, only seniors are supposed to go (with their dates, who may or may not be seniors), at least that’s how it was during the guest Mom’s day. But now, Homecoming has become much more formal. The guys are supposed to wear formal suits and the girls wear a flashy and often very closely fitting cocktail dress. Indeed, as is the case with an Australian formal, it is very often the occasion when the young men and women wear their first formal suits and gowns. But with a difference: the long formal gowns are reserved mostly for Prom.

Lilly’s niece is not easily disappointed. Hmm, so my glamorous formal gown must stay in the closet for another few months. No! She can put it on to show her guest Mom and then put it away in the closet. But what to do about a cocktail dress for the Homecoming Dance?

Thank goodness she hasn’t gained any weight since coming to the States. She had feared that the reputedly greasy and sugary food would get the better of her determination to keep up with doing sports and keeping in great shape. She knows exactly which size she needs. A blingy cocktail dress from When Freddie met Lilly is exactly what she wants. She knows that she can get it shipped around the world, and this is only half way.

With her typical “no worries” attitude, she goes online and gets inspired by When Freddie met Lilly’s collection of cocktail dresses.

There it is: the cocktail dress of her dreams…

Which one would you choose?

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