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The Secret to Maximum Versatility: Formal Dresses Brisbane Made

formal dresses brisbaneIs your next big formal occasion coming up?

Are you on the lookout for a spectacular gown, which you’ll look and feel great in?

Get inspired by When Freddie met Lilly’s stunning collection of designer formal gowns!

It doesn’t matter how deep your pockets are, you’ll want to get a great deal on your formal dress Brisbane made. If you are like me, you may just be buying your formal gown having in mind wearing it more than once. And I can think of only one occasion, where I would want to buy something I never want to use again afterwards: when I’m buying my wedding dress!

We’ll let you in on our secret!

The When Freddie met Lilly’s formal dresses Brisbane made winner is: Miss Versatility, our gorgeous Milla Maxi!

Our brilliant designer takes great care in her choice of fabrics for her designer formal gowns and suits. She only sources highest-quality materials such as silks, organza, tulle and laces. All of our fabrics are hand-dyed, which allows us to dye your dress to virtually any colour you like. Embellishments are hand-beaded and laces are hand-cut, giving you the most superior quality.

Material and colour selection are just one of the qualifying points in winning the Miss Versatility contest. Our featured Milla Maxi is made of 100% silk, hand-dyed to the permanent colour of your choice. You can choose a classic colour, which has been in style for years; black or midnight blue are examples that are trending this year, but all the same have been fashionable for decades. Milla will never go out of style! Or choose your favourite colour for this season. We can custom make your men’s tie, kerchief or pocket square in exactly the same colour as your formal dresses Brisbane made, if you like!

Milla features a top with a plunging neckline.

That is, Milla can be worn with a plunging neckline! Each half of the bodice features a wide strip of fabric with extra long ties. This combination of features gives you complete freedom when fastening the neck ties.

You can go conservative cross-your-heart, resulting in a high neckline, with the ties going over your shoulders and fastened in a wide or narrow belt around your waist. The variations of arranging the straps across your shoulders and back are almost endless. Milla’s owners can re-invent their formal dresses Brisbane made every time they wear her!

If you prefer strapless, there are different ways to wrap the bands of material around your chest, with either your tummy covered or free to public view. Try tying the halves of the bodice bandeau-style with a wide or narrow band around your back and breasts. The only limitations are the number of variations, which you can come up with. Our featured image is a quite flattering example for our model.

The skirt has a long slit in the back, giving you the most freedom of movement. Since we offer the service of made to measure on all of our creations, you don’t need to worry about the skirt being just a tad too long or short; we’ll make it exactly to your dimensions.

That is why we encourage you to make an appointment with us in our private showroom. While you are there, you can try on each and every formal gown you would like. And we really mean it! We will give you our honest opinion on which styles and colours suit you best. We know that a dress off the rack will only fit a small minority of our customers perfectly. The standard sizes give us a starting point from which we custom fit our formal dresses Brisbane made. (The same goes for our suits for your man. He can come in and get his new suit for your formal custom fit, as well.)

Another form of versatility, which is attributable to all of the formal dresses Brisbane made in our collection, is that they are perfect for accessorising! It is easy to add a little bling with a sparkling hand beaded belt or cuff. We love our dazzling Aphroditie Belt, which is made of hand-embellished diamantes on velvet.

Browse through our accessories. Try on our different headdresses, each makes a different statement with your outfit. And should the evening promise to get cooler, take our Marabou Shrug along to cover your shoulders.

Whether you are looking for bridal wear, custom suits or formal dresses Brisbane made; we’re looking forward to your visit!

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