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Flattering Multiway Dresses at When Freddie met Lilly

when freddie met lilly multiway dresses milla maxiWith mounting expenses for your special day which is just around the corner, finding the perfect dress for yourself as well as your bridesmaids has never been as easy, or conveniently affordable, than the beautiful, flattering Multiway dresses from Brisbane’s own luxury wedding couture designer, When Freddie met Lilly.

These Brisbane designed party dresses are the ultimate call in versatility as one single dress, due to its various combinations of fabric, sashes and material straps, can be worn in multiple ways to suit any occasion.

Convertible Dresses versus Multiway Dresses

As modern weddings are often conducted as day long affairs, more and more brides are opting for demure, classic gowns for the wedding ceremony and sexier, more flattering silhouettes for the receptions.

However, Brisbane brides are in luck, as their choice now is even more varied with the Multiway dresses in the Mia, Milla and Marie styles that are stunning mermaid and trumpet styled gowns available in both strap and strapless designs, that result in innumerable stunning patterns and styles to suit every function type.

Brisbane bridesmaids, fear not! Your choice at When Freddie met Lilly will extend from convertible bridesmaids gowns to flattering Multiway dresses in beautiful colours like peach, lavender, nude, etc. The whole bridal party can wear the same dress styled in multiple ways by using convertible dress straps that twist and wrap into many styles.

This has the dual advantage of making the dresses customized enough so that they look unique on each of the bridesmaids while bringing out their distinct styles, while expanding the use of the dress to suit various occasions and not just the wedding! A truly worthwhile investment, say the designers of the gorgeous multiway dresses at When Freddie met Lilly.

Advantages of Multiway Dresses

Multiway dresses fulfil every girl’s dream of owning a versatile dress that is completely within budget and doesn’t stretch her wardrobe unreasonably. These dresses can be made to look completely different with a few quick changes in draping and pinning styles without indulging in the purchase of a completely new outfit.

Best of all, they do not use accessories like belts, jewellery, etc. to achieve these different looks. The same dresses can be work multiple times with simple swathing options to vamp up your wardrobe, acting alternatively like dresses and skirts based on their usage.

An even bigger advantage is that they suit every possible body type and complement the whole body. No matter what a girl’s size, this perfect dress can be sculpted to flaunt her by simultaneously embodying modesty and pride, as desired.

How do Multiway dresses work?

Multiway dresses from When Freddie met Lilly consist of a floating skirt and a couple of straps of material that are long enough to be draped around the upper half of one’s body. They are made of materials that are in equal parts smooth and light to prevent creases while layering while being strong enough to be tied in place.

Multiple designs can be created by simply shaping these strips around the body from strapless to halter, from sleeved to plunge, one shoulder to twist halters-just a few minutes and you achieve a brand new look with a fabulous dress to match!

Choose the Brisbane designed gorgeous blush pink Marie, the subtle Mia Maxi gown or the bold Milla plunging silk maxi and others among these ranges to create the perfect dress for every occasion to perfectly fit your body type and allow the designs of When Freddie met Lilly to completely transform the way you perceive a bridal dress.

Happy Shopping!

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