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Church Wedding: Finding the Perfect Gown

wedding gown for a church wedding wfml jesse gownGetting married in a church is an amazing way to celebrate the love you have for each other and the beginning of your new life as a couple. If you plan on getting married in a church, it is important to find the perfect gown for a church wedding as well. When it comes to buying the perfect wedding gown for church, you can’t go wrong with shopping at When Freddie met Lilly.

Follow Tradition

Getting married in a church means that you might want to follow some traditions, including religious traditions and things that are meaningful to your family. You might, for instance, want to wear an accessory or a piece of jewellery that has been in your family for generations. You might also want to wear a specific colour or style of dress depending on your religion.

Typically, gowns worn in church weddings are both modest and eye-catching. You should avoid gowns that will reveal too much skin and look for a dress with a gorgeous fabric and flattering cut so that you can still look amazing. The Jesse Gown from When Freddie met Lilly is just such a church wedding gown with its simple elegance and classic cut. Not only is it the perfect wedding gown for church, it works well for a garden wedding also.

Choose a Style

Ask yourself what kind of style you want to wear for your wedding. The style of your dress should be a good match for the theme of the wedding and your own sense of fashion. A lot of brides want to wear a gown with a train but getting married in a church does not mean you have to wear a gown with a train if you would rather opt for a simpler style. Choosing a dress with a train means you will have to plan the ceremony accordingly since you will need to have people walk behind you and carry the train as you make your entrance. The Chiara Gown is one of the most elegant wedding gowns When Freddie met Lilly has to offer. The gown is made of French lace and has a circular train that is to die for.

What is Your Perfect Wedding Gown for a Church Wedding?

A lot of brides decide to wear two dresses on their wedding day. They will usually choose a traditional wedding gown to get married in church and change into a different dress for the reception. This could be the occasion to change into something more colourful or to wear a shorter dress. If you do not want to buy two different dresses, look for a dress that has a detachable train or some layers that can be removed if you want to be more comfortable during the reception.

Take the time to look for the perfect dress for your wedding. Getting married in the church means you should look for a dress that is more traditional and modest, but you can still find some gorgeous styles and get the wedding gown you have always dreamed of. If possible, try different styles so that you can get an idea of which styles and cuts look best on you.

You can find great gowns for your church wedding by going to When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane. We are there to meet all of your bridal needs, whether it is for your church wedding or a wedding on the beach. We have it all and are looking forward to serving you.

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