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Festive Christmas Wedding

festive christmas wedding when freddie met lillyBelieve it or not Christmas time has always been a very popular season for weddings. Due to the fact that everyone is already in a good mood, and your wedding will top it off and fill all with joy. Brisbane’s designer, When Freddy met Lilly has the perfect wedding attire if you are looking to host a festive Christmas wedding. Below you can find a few of our favoured items as well as learn some festive Christmas wedding tips.

Festive Christmas Wedding Gowns

When people think Christmas they often think snow, sparkles, and glistening. Therefore, you want your bridal gown to represent this is some way. That is where When Freddy met Lilly brings you the Isabella Gown. This gown brings you all three of the above listed items. White as snow, sparking hand embellished bead, and silky tulle bottom to make you glisten at every turn. This is the perfect bridal gown for your festive Christmas wedding.

Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress

When it comes to festive Christmas weddings and choosing the colour for your bridesmaid’s dresses you have a few different colours that fall into the Christmassy season. These colours include gold, silver, blue, red, and of course green. Choosing your colour to go with is completely up to your preference. However, most of the time when a bride visits a Brisbane designer such as When Freddy met Lilly to get a Christmas wedding attire they like the Grecian Gown. This gown is a jaw dropper; this fully silk green gown is prefect for any Christmas bridesmaid gown. It features plaited straps and ties to give it charm.

Customized Designs

One the best things about getting your bridal party attire from our store location When Freddy met Lilly, is that no matter what it is it can all be customized. From bridal gowns to bridesmaid dresses it can be made to represent your style. Colours, sizes, and details can all be changed to be custom to you so that no one else has a dress like yours.

Accessories That Match the Festive Theme

Christmas is one of the easiest things to find accessories to match your outfit. Not only does anything with sparkles or white match, but you can also add a pop of colour because Christmas is all about being happy and colourful. When Freddy met Lilly offers a long line of hair accessories as well as belts for your gown and jewellery to help you shine.

Having a festive Christmas wedding is easy if you just put your mind to it. During this time of year, you will be able to find decorations that will look perfect as centrepieces for your wedding. When Freddy met Lilly can dress your wedding party to look like something that walked right out of the movie screen. In addition to your wedding party looking perfect, all your guests will also should up in their holiday wear as well. Making all your wedding photos look flawless. Stop in our store today to get started picking out your gown!

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