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Elegant Bridal Gowns with Thai Silk

athena bridal gown when freddie met lilly brisbaneFor any woman, the most thought about and precious outfit that she will possibly ever own is her Wedding Gown, and therefore to create lifelong memories and a keepsake from her wedding, she will want the right guidance to choose the right fabric for her wedding gown.

Brisbane based Wedding Couturiers offer a wide array of choices to a bride and assist her is taking the best decision in terms of wedding fabric colour, look, weave, quality, texture, drape, wearability and care to best suit her personality and body type. The idea is that there should be no skimping on the quality of the fabric if a long lasting dress is to be created, as better quality fabrics create beautiful, everlasting dresses as perfect memories.

Look no further as When Freddie met Lilly is the best choice for brides and bridal parties for all kinds of Thai Silk dresses at astonishing prices!

The designers at When Freddie met Lilly believe that the key to choosing the right kind of fabric for the perfect wedding gown is to understand in which way fabrics can be cut, draped, embellished and appear to give completely different looks. While some bring out the natural softness symbolic of the wedding day, others give the appearance of crispness and elegance that mark a wedding ceremony. It is also advisable to think about the fabrics for the bridesmaids dresses while fabric hunting-should it be similar to the bridal outfit or of a contrasting look and feel?

Silk – An enduring symbol of beauty

Silk, in its many enduring forms satisfies and fulfils the human love for luxury that is unachievable by any other fabric. Fast attaining the most popular spot as a wedding gown fabric, silk, once a fabric reserved for the royals, has now found its way to all connoisseurs of fabrics of the finest quality.

Wedding gowns made of silk take advantage of the fabric’s inter-composed strands in a triangular cross section, making the light dance across the weave to give it an almost heavenly lustre. This makes it a stronger fabric than cotton, linen and wool.

Thai Silk – The first amongst equals

The most common type of silk used in wedding dresses is Thai Silk, as it has a smooth, crisp finish. For thousands of years, Thai Silk has been hand spun, dyed and woven in Thailand.

Structured garments like the Samsara and Sabine gowns and the Athena Bridal from the wide range of Thai Silk options offered by When Freddie met Lilly are best made from this versatile fabric that need their shape held together. This fabric is not just used for bridal gowns but also for the mother of the bride outfit and the bridesmaid’s garments due to its inherent grace, richness and elegance.

Thai Silk and its use with other fabrics

Thai Silk is the most superior amongst the various silk types and the vividness of its colours is quite spectacular. Other than its purebred usage as bridal dresses, it’s also used in combination with other materials like tulle and chiffon to create magical outfits that become the talk of the bridal party due to their sheer loveliness.

Gorgeous designs by When Freddie met Lilly make the best of Thai Silk working in tandem with other attractive fabrics to give spectacular structured gowns such as the graceful Charlize Maid Maxi with the leaf strap, the bright yellow Tulip Maxi Dress for a more fun wedding function, the Devine Bow Cocktail Dress made of lace, chiffon, polyster with a Thai Silk detail on the bodice to take it a notch higher and elevate its use from a simple party outfit to an elegant bridesmaids dress, and many other forms.

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