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Dip Hem Bridesmaid Dresses

dip hem bridesmaid dresses when freddie met lilly brisbane serica gownThere comes a time in all the madness of wedding planning that you have to figure out which style bridesmaid dress works for your wedding and your bridesmaid’s style. You will be faced with several different decisions, long, short, strapless, one strap and more. However, to make your decision a little easier, Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly offers a different option that is very popular at this time. This is the dip hem or the high low dress as some of you may know. It is higher in the front and dips down lower in the back. Not only is this a popular style of dress, but they are very stunning as well.

Our Serica Gown offers a Dip Hem

If you want your bridesmaids to make a statement and look stunning at the same time, then the Serica Gown is the dress for them to wear! This gown is sexy and sweet at the same time and offers an edgy feel because of its cut.

This gown is made from silk and features the famous dip hem. The hem typically falls above the knee depending how tall your bridesmaid is. The back puddles on the gown make for quite the statement. The Serica Gown has an open back as well as a deep cut front. Make sure your bridesmaids are not scared to show some skin when considering to wear this gown.

Accessories to go with Bridesmaid Gown

When you go with a gown as stunning as the Serica gown, you will want your bridesmaids to wear accessories to go with it. However, finding accessories that will match well can be difficult. That is why you should go through When Freddie met Lilly to get your accessories as well. We offer a long line of accessories from belts to headdresses and even jewellery. Therefore, if you need any type of dazzling accessories stop by our location to find the perfect piece. One accessory that looks great with this dip hem bridesmaid gown in the Samsara belt. This belt comes in over 30 colours to help match your wedding colours. However, it goes deeper than that, with the Samsara belt you get the hand embellished gems and the same silk as the Serica Gown.

Creating Custom Pieces

One reason brides loving going to When Freddie met Lilly for all their wedding attire needs is because they offer customization! This isn’t something you can get at every bridal store. Here at When Freddie met Lilly, they will customize any gown for you. From the size to the colour, and even the overall style. All they want is to help your wedding dress comes turn. Therefore, if you find a dress you like, but are not in love with they can help you make it something you absolutely love.

Visit When Freddie met Lilly today to find your perfect dip hem gown today. They will do everything they can to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your wedding attire.

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