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Introducing our Sensational New Custom Suits Brisbane Made!

custom suits brisbaneWhat kind of suit man are you?

Are you one of those men, who know that you look your handsomest in a well-cut suit and love wearing custom suits Brisbane made?

Or do you wear a suit when you have to, but don’t give it much thought?

Or are you the type of bloke, who will avoid wearing a suit at all costs?

Face it buddy, some events call for a suit.

An awesome suit really belongs to most formal occasions. But if you are first time suit shopping or even second timing, you might just be asking yourself, “Where can I get that suit, but please without hassle and without feeling like I am investing the family heirlooms at the same time?”

You may not believe it, but When Freddie met Lilly has a whole line of suits you’ll look and feel great in! We have great prices, too.

Our experts have made it their business to create stunning bridal fashion and formal wear, which will fit and flatter every body. Including custom suits Brisbane made. Our brilliant designer goes any and everywhere to source the most durable and highest-quality cotton/linen and wool blend fabrics for our suits. We have over 1200 different fabrics and 200 suit linings to choose from!

We know that you are looking for trending colours, such as in our featured lightweight Sand Linen/Cotton Suit, which is a timeless favourite. Worn as a three-piece or just one piece with a different outfit, it is a classic that will serve you well as long as you don’t grow out of it.

When Freddie met Lilly offers you made to measure service. Even though our off the rack suits come in regular and long fittings, and we can offer you the service of giving you a different jacket to pants size, we know that buying off the shelf will just not always do. For example, Rugby players usually have a different build than surfers. And put ten guys in one room and you will find ten different body types. But you need to know that that a made to order suit takes four to six weeks, so plan that in. (Our recommendation for wedding suits is to get your custom suits Brisbane organised about the same time as you are working on your invitations.)

Make an appointment with us and visit us in our private show room. We’ll welcome you and give you our full expert attention. You will be able to try on all of our suit fashions, yes all of them. We’ll give you our honest and professional opinion on cut and style. If you would like to take advantage of our made to measure service, we’ll be happy to give you an estimate. You’ll walk out having decided on a suit you’ll look gorgeous in and which will be so comfortable, you won’t want to take it off again.

Whether you are looking for a suit for every day, for your school formal or for a wedding, we have got just what you are looking for. We’ve just augmented our custom suits Brisbane made collection with new styles and fabrics in the trending colours deep blue and charcoal grey. We just love the new black Shoreditch Shiney Slim Fit Suit!

For those of you worried about how your wallet fares throughout the suit buying business, we can offer you a suit deal, which is also customised. (We’ll let you in on a secret: buying our suits on our suit deal can be cheaper than renting a suit of the same quality, which by the way, some other chap has sweated in.)

The deal is suit + shirt + tie for $499.95 or $599.95, depending on your choice of fabric. That leaves a little tolerance to add accessories to match the girls’ gowns. Since we hand dye our fabrics, we can make you a Thai silk tie, kerchief or pocket square in exactly the same colour as her dress, which really completes the look!

If you are buying more than one suit for a wedding party and only want the suits, we can give you a special discount. That might just help out in your wedding budget. Vests are also available to buy singly.

Come to When Freddie met Lilly for your custom suits Brisbane made. We’re looking forward to your visit!

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