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Choose The Right White Wedding Dress for Your Skin Tone

white wedding dress when freddie met lillyGone away is the time of stark white wedding gowns. Here at When Freddie met Lilly, we want you to know that it is okay to step away from the single shade of white to go with a colour that fits more for your skin colour. Being one of the top Brisbane designers of wedding gowns, we cover several different shades of white, and even other colours so that you can find the dress of your dreams in the shade that looks best on you.

Pure or Stark White

This is the whitest white you can get. If you are fair skinned, you will want to stay as far away from this white wedding dress as you can. Fair skin and pure white can just leave you looking washed out and pale. However, if you are dark completions, this is the dress colour of you.

The Nyree Gown works perfectly for dark completions brides looking to have a garden wedding. This gown features a rounded bodice made from raw silk and a soft baby tulle skirt. This dress, however, does not have any elaborate details, it is more for the simple bride. Therefore, if you want to make it pop, you can add a gemmed belt.

Off White Wedding Dress

This is increasingly becoming more popular amongst the wedding scene. Brisbane’s designer When Freddie met Lilly offers over 60 dresses in this shade. If you are wondering if off white will work for your skin colour the answer is yes. However, off white wedding dresses look best on those who are more of a fair skin colour or have pink undertones. Off white wedding dresses also go great for weddings with a vintage feel. The Sparrow Gown works perfectly for every wedding theme. This gown features Organza overlay as well as beautiful lace with exudes vintage French charm. It also features a low back slit as well as a sheer back to the gown. If you are looking for a stunning dress, you found it here.

Stay True to Your Style and Colour

There is absolutely no rule saying that you cannot go with a colour other than white! Therefore, go with a dress you love no matter what colour it is if you find a dress you like, yet it isn’t in your favourite colour When Freddie met Lilly can customise the colour for you. Some popular wedding dresses offered by When Freddie met Lilly are Frosty blue, Baby pink, silver, and even lilac. You never know what you will love until you try them on.

Here at our location, we want you to be pleased with the dress you pick out. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to help you find your dream gown. Above are just some tips on how to pick out a white wedding dress for your skin colour. In the end, go with the dress you love, and one that looks best on you. Stop by our location today to get started on finding your dream gown!

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