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Choose a Coloured Wedding Dress

White is often worn today by the Western bride (innocent or not). It represents innocence and purity. But where did the custom to get married in white come from? The tradition actually started with a fashion trend. The British Queen Victoria chose to wear a white lace dress and veil on her wedding day in 1840 simply because she liked the colour (and not for it’s purity). Maybe you, like Queen Victoria, also want to spark your own fashion trend. Then why not get married in a coloured wedding dress…

A coloured wedding dress for the creative bride

Not every bride wants to wear white on her wedding day. It’s often not enough and she wants to get married in colour. Therefore fabulous non-white gowns grace the bridal runways every so often. Unexpected colours make everyone take notice, and bold colours even catch the eyes of celebrities.

From a delicate pink for the classic bride to a maroon red for the conservative bride…non-white dresses show personality and individual style. They can even dictate the entire style and colour palette of your wedding.

Coloured gowns from WFML

You will love the colour choices we offer you. We have an exciting range of over 200 beautiful colours you can pick from – not only your normal blue, red and yellow (although tints thereof).

Choose  between these unusual shades: mocha, blush, rose gold, pink champagne silver, ballet pink, coral, peach, nude, buttercup, emerald green, navy, steele, aqua, lavender, jade, petrol, light blue, slate, and claret. But, there’s also royal blue, ice blue, fiery red, maroon, burgundy, black, and many more…

Ice blue is a very pale greenish blue like the colour seen in a lake of clear ice. Make a point of looking at our Caprice Gown in a beautiful, feminine ice blue. The dress has a skirt in lavish organza and a corset inspired bodice in French lace and beadwork. But our favorite part are the romantic-off-the-shoulder sleeves. Wear this dress with the same colour Diamante cuff.

Black is a bold, dramatic wedding day statement – of individuality. We can make wedding gowns in different shades of black, like our Willow Maxi (black), Anastasia (black), Bow Cocktail (charcoal), and Mia Maxi (clouded) gowns.

Fiery red is the colour of strength, passion, power and love. If you are extroverted, confident and optimistic, and demonstrates a vibrant enthusiasm for life, then red is the colour for you. Red is an attention-seeking and attention-getting colour, so whichever way you look at it, you like to be noticed and love being the centre of attention (which of course is perfect for your wedding). The deeper the red, the more sophisticated.

The bold, brave bridesmaid dress, our Xanadu Maxi in chiffon with Split, is our favourite. It comes in a bright red, in chiffon. Also have a look at our Mia Maxi, which comes in acai (a shade of purple).

Don’t let the stars have all the fun

So many stars chose a colour outfit to get married in!

Agyness Deyn got married in a blush (pink), tulle midi-dress. Anne Hathaway, again, tied the not with an outdoor ceremony, wearing a pale pink gown and matching headdress, whereas the Oscar-winning actress, Reese Witherspoon, chose pale pink with a co-ordinating veil for her second wedding. The Italian heiress, Beatrice Borromeo, has proved that a royal wedding doesn’t have to be traditional – she wore pale pink couture for her wedding at Monaco’s Pink Palace.

Vogue’s cover girl, Liberty Ross, got married wearing black vintage couture and a dramatic headdress. The dancer, Dita von Teese, chose a traditional-style princess gown in non-traditional purple, and although wearing cream to the ceremony, Victoria Beckham also went for a purple reception dress.

Known for her colourful presence on the red carpet, Julianne Moore chose a lilac sheath dress. Wallis Simpson, again, became famous when she got married to the former king of Britain, Edward VIII, in a dress in “Wallis blue” – a pale baby blue shade created to match her eyes.

If you love the idea of a wedding dress in full-blown colour, get inspiration for your dress from the stars above, but have a peep at our beautiful dresses in colour this season here at When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane.

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