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Choose a Simple Wedding Dress from WFML

simple wedding dress when freddie met lilly annie gownYou want your wedding day to be perfect, and you’ve planned everything down to the very last detail, from the caterer to the limousine driver. Now it’s time to choose your wedding dress with the same kind of care. This is not a decision to be made lightly. The first thing you must decide is whether to go for a simple wedding dress or an elaborate, more intricately detailed style.

There is no right or wrong choice here; after all, it’s your wedding, you’re the bride, and you have the final say. There are benefits to both styles, of course, and what you choose will depend on your own personal tastes and budget.

Don’t confuse simple with boring, though. These dresses are every bit as breath-taking and elegant as their more elaborately designed counterparts. You needn’t worry about not being noticed – your groom is sure to appreciate the look of his lovely bride as you walk down the aisle.

Benefits of choosing a simple wedding dress

  • More affordable: A simpler style generally means that there is a less intricate detail of lace, beads, and other materials. This makes for a more affordable option, while not having to compromise on beauty or elegance.
  • Ideal for less formal weddings: Many couples today are opting for less formal celebrations. This could include a lunch buffet, an afternoon tea, or even a brunch style reception. Simpler style dresses could be an ideal choice for these less formal celebrations.
  • Reveal your natural beauty: A simple dress will enhance your natural beauty instead of detracting from it. You don’t need to hide behind fancy bead or lacework; you can show off your natural radiance. Your beauty will shine through, and everyone will be able to see your natural glow.
  • Multi-use: A simple wedding dress can be used for other purposes if desired. For example, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and other formal occasions. There is no rule that the dress has to be white, either. You can choose a number of other colours such as cream, pale pink or blue, to suit your own
  • Plenty of styles to choose from: With state-of-the-art designs, sophisticated cuts and elegant looks, you have plenty of options when choosing a simple style.

Why Choose When Freddie met Lilly?

When you shop at When Freddie met Lilly, you can be assured that you will receive the best service at the best prices. We are well-versed in knowing what will look great while keeping within budget. We have a wide range of dresses to choose from. From the minute you walk through the door, we will help you navigate through the process. We understand the importance of selecting just the right dress, and we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your final choice.

We have plenty of simple styles to choose from, including our Grecian Gown, with a deep V-neck, or our Annie Gown, with elegant lace and hand cut flowers along the neckline. Let our consultant help you choose the gown that’s perfect for you.

We at When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane can help you with all of your wedding dress needs.


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