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Chic Monochrome Wedding

monochrome wedding when freddie met lillySo the day has arrived, the day you have been dreaming of since you were a child. It is time to start planning your wedding. However, planning a wedding is a time consuming task, there are so many different colours to choose from, so many different styles of dresses, and small details to handle. What can make these decisions easier? Having a monochrome wedding.

Here at When Freddy met Lilly, we are one of Brisbane’s designers of wedding attire. If you are considering having a chic monochrome wedding, then look no further than this article to help you make decisions.

What is a Monochrome Wedding?

Monochrome more or less is a way to keep it simple and chic. Often times when someone goes with monochrome as their wedding theme, everything is kept black and white, no coloured flowers, and no colourful centrepieces. People think, “How could a black and white wedding be beautiful?” Well the answer is simple. When you think classic, you think black and white, when you think sleek, you think black and white. Therefore, you can understand how a monochrome wedding can be stylish and beautiful.

What to Wear for a Monochrome Wedding?

This has got to be one of the best benefits to having a wedding with this theme, you can dress your wedding party in anything black and white, and even your guests will be able to wear something black and white without feeling bad about out doing your wedding party. Being one of Brisbane’s designers, when you visit us at When Freddy met Lilly you will find the perfect attire for you and your bridesmaids.

Some of the more popular styles brides choose for their monochrome wedding gown is the Venice Gown. This gown is sleek and will make any bride feel like a queen. The hand cut lace flowers and the plunging back make this a top choice for brides who want to keep it classy. As for bridesmaid gowns, one of the most popular choices is the Rebecca Gown. This gown is a floor length solid black dress perfect for monochrome. It gives a faint hint of sparkles and is backless to match the Venice Gown. With either of these dresses, you cannot go wrong.

How to Decorate for a Monochrome Wedding

If there is no colour, you might feel your decorations will be lacking. However, that is not the case. Black and white flowers are classic and will look wonderful. Add some confetti placed artfully on the tables and pass some of it out to the guests for when you walk down the aisle as bride and groom. It will be simple, classic and fun. Candles and crystals make for great centrepieces that will be a great accent to any wedding.

A monochrome wedding is the perfect theme for a couple who loves looking classy and want to make a statement. Visit us at When Freddy met Lilly to make sure your wedding attire is perfect for your monochrome themed wedding.

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