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Charming Keyhole Back Wedding Dress

angelique gown when freddie met lilly keyhole back wedding dressYour wedding dress, the one dress you have dreamed of wearing since the day you met your someone special. The time has come to put those dreams into reality; only there are more options than the average bride knew about. Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly offer a wide variety of wedding dress to choose from. However, if you want to go with a growing trend and something stunning at the same time, you may consider a keyhole back wedding dress. Below, you can find a little more about a keyhole back gown, as well as some of the popular dresses offered by When Freddie met Lilly in this style.

What is a keyhole back?

A keyhole is exactly what it sounds like, only bigger. It is an open back that has a closure at the top as well as the bottom, creating the keyhole look. The keyholes designs can come in several different sizes and styles. When Freddie met Lilly brings you some of the most stunning dresses with keyhole backs.

One of these dresses being the Cary Gown. The gown is a stunning mix of both timeless styles along with just modern enough to keep up with current times as well. It has beaded detail from head to toe, with the keyhole back being on the larger side, opening from the small of your back to your shoulders. It is fastened with a single button connected to charcoal lace. With this Cary Gown, you are guaranteed to be the most stunning bride around.

What style dresses have keyhole backs?

When you go with a bridal designer such as When Freddie met Lilly the possibilities are endless. From vintage to modern, or even traditional if you like the keyhole style then they have the dress for you. However, if you are a bride looking for more of the traditional, princess style dress, then you should consider the Angelique Gown is for you. This Shantung silk gown is lavish with a ruffled bottom and fully lace bodice. The keyhole back is on the smaller side for those brides who want the style yet don’t want to show too much skin. As with all Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly product’s it can be customized with or without a train. However, any style wedding gown can have a keyhole design. It is all about your personal style.

Who can wear a keyhole back?

Many brides believe they can’t pull off the keyhole look; that is not the case! If you like the design, go for it. However, keep in mind the weather. Since the keyhole is open, you want your wedding to either be indoors or during the warmer months. Nothing can throw your wedding up like freezing the entire time.

When Freddie met, Lilly in Brisbane can help you with all your wedding attires. From your bridesmaids to your wedding gown, we are your one stop shop. Stop by today to get started on finding your dream wedding dress.

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