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More and more couples are leaning towards small intimate weddings today, either because of budget restriction, or they prefer a relaxed, comfortable wedding with an intimate, personal atmosphere. Not to say you can’t achieve this with a larger wedding, it just will be more difficult! That’s why we here at When Freddie met Lilly want to share some unique small intimate wedding ideas with you below, for a wedding that can be memorable for the rest of your life.

Listen up ladies! WFML Real Bride Alana recommends keeping an open eye out when Bridal Shopping and we totally agree. About half of brides end up with a gown completely different from what they thought they would have. Read about her experience below.

If you decided on a 90's wedding theme, keep the following tips in consideration. Your Décor Use bright and neon-inspired colours, maybe with a pop of simmer. Even the Spice Girls would want to clink glasses at your wedding if they were toasting in bright and glitter-encrusted stem wine glasses! Make use of 90’s inspired ideas. The quickest way to set a 90’s tone is to lay neon tablecloths across the tables. Rewind it back before iTunes and even CDs, with a playful light centrepiece - made from cassette tapes, or use cassettes as...

Red is the colour radiating power, passion, love and romance. It’s hot, but also sophisticated, and classy. For a romantic red wedding theme, what immediately jumps to mind are romantic red rosepetals, scattered everywhere. You walk down the aisle on these ‘petal carpets,’ or over a heart of roses. And then there’s the red heart-shaped balloons! A “wild flower” table decoration, or roses for the centrepiece, attract the attention.