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Flamingos are one of the most unique animals in nature. With their long necks, thin funny-formed legs, and shocking pink feathers, they’re cute…adorable and very tropical. And they remind us of the beach and the sun. But a flamingo wedding theme?  No, not weird…but different, and soooo very cheerful! In a bohemian or beach celebration, indoors or outdoors…the flamingos have been appearing all over lately, and it’s no surprise that we here at When Freddie met Lilly, just adore them!

Maybe you’re a big fan of fruit elements in wedding florals. All sorts — apples, cherry tomatoes, figs — but especially raspberries and blackberries. You wouldn’t go wrong incorporating berries into your wedding day style, and here’s some inspiration to use – berry inspired wedding ideas that are romantic and beautiful.

In 2017, brides are breaking another huge wedding rule, and guess what? They’re ditching THEIR Queen Victoria-inspired traditional white dress and hand it over to their bridesmaids, who now dress in white instead, while the bride choose a dramatic colourful or patterned dress!  Other brides stick at least to an off-white dress, and and go for bright white bridesmaid dresses, or vice versa.

Our real bride Sharla from Rockhampton had a relaxed but still elegant wedding at a resort. Read below how Drew Barrymore inspired her sparkling dream dress and how she found the perfect sequinned wedding gown at When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane.