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The moon doesn’t cast any light of its own. The light from the sun is reflecting it. It takes 28 days during which the moon goes through four main phases, and few people realize each phase has a huge influence on their lives, and that by taking an appropriate action at an auspicious time (or moon phase), you can create your own destiny. It is believed that to ensure a successful marriage, it’s best to have get married during full moon. So read on below for our best full moon wedding tips.

White is often worn today by the Western bride (innocent or not). It represents innocence and purity. But where did the custom to get married in white come from? The tradition actually started with a fashion trend. The British Queen Victoria chose to wear a white lace dress and veil on her wedding day in 1840 simply because she liked the colour (and not for it’s purity). Maybe you, like Queen Victoria, also want to spark your own fashion trend. Then why not get married in a coloured wedding dress…

Create memories with magical romantic forest wedding ideas for your big day! Turn your real forest venue into a romantic and truly fairy-tale place with greenery – beautiful trees, moss, and flowers,  and lots of little lights. Or how about creating a romantic garden ‘’forest’’ where no forest exists! Make everything in your forest peaceful and calming with a mysterious atmosphere, or go for colourful and floral. Your guests will remember this for a long time…as a really unique wedding! And the best thing, you don`t have to go overboard with your decorations, as nature is this time truly on your side. Whether it’s in spring when everything blooms, or in magical autumn when you are surrounded by so many beautiful colours. Just imagine how stunning your wedding pictures will look.. Let the magic begin!!

You know Ali had such an amazing time on her Big Day in a When Freddie met Lilly gown because we got an email asking for dry-cleaning details… she had partied the night away and had so much fun that her train came away a little grey! Read below how Ali says that dancing was one of the most important and fun things about her wedding.

It is often said that when you find ‘the one‘, you will know. Our WFML Real Bride Kelly struggled to find ‘the one‘ off the rack. Read this blog post to discover how she was able to customise a wedding dress at WFML that made her feel and look beautiful!

UYou fancy yourself an individual…we all actually do, because no one has been shaped by the same life events. So at least we consider ourselves to be as unique as can be! Like everyone else, you want your wedding also to be unique and special. Maybe neither one of you two want to go through the motions of what people think a wedding has to be if at the end of it all, it doesn’t mean a single thing to you! You can just not imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a traditional white wedding dress? Don’t worry, we here at When Freddie met Lilly can help you with your off-beat bride non-traditional, unique outfit!