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Maddie was such a beautiful bride both inside and out and we at WFML are honoured to have been a part of her big day! Despite a few weather hiccups, Maddie and her husband Sebastian had a magical day surrounded by friends and family. Read on to find out more about how they personalised their wedding.

It was the 1950s…the long war was over and to lighten things up an era of utter fun evolved…big bouncing skirts, curly hairstyles, bright lips, colourful milkshakes and jukeboxes in bars and diners and of course Rock-n-Roll! A vibrant spirit, the mood reckless and joyful. A time of recovery and also growing prosperity and (after the struggle and scarcity of the 1940s) a return to glamour! Using this style as a wedding theme is a great idea because it’s the whole retro spirit you can bring to your wedding party! Here are 5 fun ideas that will ensure your 50s retro wedding is absolutely fabulous!!

“From the moment I was engaged, the planning began!”

WFML Bride Hayley spent 12 months planning her wedding, and it paid off! On October 20, 2017, Hayley and her partner tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor setting. The pair decided on ‘shabby chic’ decorations, including gold and copper vases and an abundance of white flowers to accompany the lush green surroundings.

The colour goes by names like maroon, plum, burgundy, oxblood, wine. And this brownish-red hue works unbelievably well for wedding celebrations. We are sharing our ideas below with you, autumn brides, to show why a maroon wedding theme is best for the season ahead!

It’s luxurious, classy, sophisticated…and without a doubt the most popular wedding colour for the coming autumn and winter seasons!

This stylish shade has a regal, opulent feel to it. You can incorporated it into your ring, your wedding dress, shoes, makeup and hair accessories, your bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, textiles and décor or even the groom’s suit! (of course not all at the same time!)

Island Dreaming: Tamika & Chris’s Desination Wedding in Vanuatu
WFML bride Tamika knew exactly the type of dress she wanted for her big day. Read on to find out how her and her partner Chris coordinated their destination wedding in Vanuatu, and how the Christina Gown helped fulfil her dreams of being an island princess.