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When working closely with our customers, we spend a lot of time together and each one of you gains a special place in our hearts. We at When Freddie met Lilly have acquired very fond memories. It is such a pleasure to be able to help you make your wedding day so special!

Last year we met Nicole and her bridal party. It has been lovely to dress them for the big wedding day. Nicole was so kind as to share her photos with us and send us such kind thoughts. Thank you!

Nicole wrote to us:
“Our journey began on the 6th of August 2013 when we met Vanessa [at When Freddie met Lilly] for the first time. The 7 months succeeding this we got to know her extremely well with multiple appointments and consistent communications over the following months. Vanessa in one sense kind of became one of our non-official bridal party members!

Not only did we purchase 3 bridesmaids gowns from her but also the Groom’s suit and 3 Groomsmen’s suits… and then I also returned to have two pageboy outfits all made to order.

whenfreddiemetlilly-wedding-gownAre you struggling through magazines, the internet and advice from your friends in search of the perfect wedding gown? Have you been agonising for days over choosing from the many designs offered?

Modern or vintage style? A mix of pretty things? What would suit you best?

Search no more!

Find your perfect wedding gown in When Freddie met Lilly’s dazzling collection!

Our designer bridal collections host a beautiful assortment of stunning bridal gowns.

Let our experts help you decide which of the gorgeous hand-picked fabrics, bodices, skirt designs and accessories to choose in creating the perfect wedding gown for you.

It’s all in the details!

whenfreddiemetlilly-designer-formal-dressAre you looking for the perfect gown for your next formal event?

We have the striking dress to dazzle your friends. One that you will feel and look spectacular in!

Let When Freddie met Lilly’s stunning designer formal dresses inspire you!

Our experts will help you slip into a gown which will make the best of your body shape, complexion and unique style.

You will be red carpet ready with the Hollywood awards season looks from When Freddie met Lilly.

Hollywood, what better place to observe bling, glam and glitter?

whenfreddiemetlilly-designer-wedding-dressGet inspired by our beautiful Phoenix Collection!

1. Go to When Freddie met Lilly

Visit us in Brisbane, where you’ll be warmly welcomed in our boutique on Latrobe Terrace in Paddington. This is the place where we customize our designer wedding dresses to your exact wishes and needs.

We know how to please brides!

(Not in Brisbane? Contact us to find one of our hand-picked boutiques near you. Otherwise, you’re just a click away from our virtual bridal fashion world.)

2. Try on our gorgeous gowns

Go ahead! Try them all on!

Want to know how absolutely stunning you look?

whenfreddiemetlilly-bridesmaids-dressesYour best friends are shining like jewels in their bridesmaids dresses. Each of them has found a gown that suits her exactly right. They are glowing and they know it! They look so happy and stunning!

You feel the luxurious fabric of your fabulous wedding gown soft and reassuring against your skin, and now it is time for your entry. As you walk down the aisle, all eyes are on you.

This is your day.

Your day is perfect, because everyone in your wedding is beautiful. And beautiful people radiate happiness.

Let’s face it. As women, we don’t just want to find happiness for ourselves. You could almost say our daily lives are filled with the desire to please others.

But we at When Freddy met Lilly know how to please brides! Let us make you and your delightful bridesmaids happy with our gorgeous, customised bridesmaids dresses.

whenfreddiemetlilly-wedding-dressAre you a woman who acknowledges designer wedding dress trends but knows what complements your own form and therefore choose to set your own style?

We are pleased to tell you that all our designer gowns from When Freddie met Lilly can be customised with your unique personal touch to create a gown like no other!

Pictured here is our free flowing sweet lace embellished Roses Gown with a 100% silk skirt underlay. Flower petals on two subtle keyholes on the back portray ornate dress detailing while delicate lace sleeves make this gown the picture perfect garden appropriate wedding dress!

The aptly named Roses Gown design is accessorized here with a lovely Silk Bow. With a variety of colours, our Silk Bows add a charming compliment to any lace style gown.

What personal touches might you add to your designer wedding dress to create your very own uniquely you design?

phoenix-bridal-fashionLadies, we know there are many special occasions where formal dresses will develop into a compulsory requirement rather than a nice-to-have option. There comes a time in our lives where one of those extraordinarily special occasions is your own wedding.

Regardless of whether you find yourself in the position of ‘always a bridesmaid…’ with a closet full of bridesmaid dresses, or your special day has finally come, the most exhilarating and emotional decision is always that perfect wedding dress, the crowning glory of your special day.

That is, besides your new husband, of course. We are excited to present you with our new bridal fashion Phoenix Collection!

Take a peek, your perfect wedding dress is just waiting to be discovered at When Freddie met Lilly!

whenfreddiemetlilly-launch The bridal fashion label “WhenFreddiemetLilly” based in Brisbane is expanding the business with a beautifully designed new online store.

With demand rising from Australian customers located outside of Brisbane, it is a logical next step to expand the fashion offer on the internet.

WhenFreddiemetLilly are renowned to have the most stunning gowns available in Brisbane. Located just five km’s from Brisbane CBD, the bridal fashion label offers personal appointments to clients to be measured up and fitted with their dream wedding dress, Bridesmaid dresses, Formal gowns and Made to Order Mens Suiting.

The online store has a range of custom made items as well as standard sized wedding dresses and groom suits.

WhenFreddiemetLilly has expanded its range from casual, cocktail dresses & formal dresses to bridal gowns over the past 5 years and also offers a range of accessories as well as groom suits.