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bridesmaid dresses brisbaneIf you bought your fabulous When Freddie met Lilly designer wedding gown from us, then you already know that we have the best experts on our team and that we use only the finest designs and fabrics.

Now you’re shopping at the top address for the best bridesmaid dresses Brisbane can offer!

Get inspired by When Freddy met Lilly’s gorgeous bridesmaid gown collection!

We’ve treated you like royalty; we’ll give your best friends all of our attention, too!

Let our professional team help you find the most dazzling bridesmaid dresses in or out of Brisbane. We take your wedding theme, gown, colours and the individual looks of your bridesmaids into consideration, giving you cutting-edge bridal fashion for your dream-come-true wedding.

bariano-dressWithout envy, the experts at designer label When Freddie met Lilly can say that the Bariano dress collections are spectacular.

Our boutique in Brisbane sports a choice selection of Bariano dresses to present you with a wider range of cocktail gowns and formal dresses to choose from.

In addition to our designer sales items, we are making our Bariano dresses available to you at 30% off regular price! We can offer them to you in Brisbane and online.

To get the 30% discount use the code “bariano” in your cart on checkout.

Discover the Bariano Collection right here!

Next to the stunning bridal fashion and formal collections created by our brilliant Brisbane based When Freddie met Lilly designer, the Bariano formal and cocktail dresses are a class of glamorous gowns which can hold their own, and are lovely for after 5 occasions.

Today we’ll shine our spotlight on several eye-catching Bariano dress designs.

whenfreddiemetlilly wedding suit

Photo: Israel Rivera

A custom made wedding suit will cost you as much as your bride-to-be’s wedding gown, right?


That is; you could spend that much, but you don’t have to.

Our make to measure designer suits are perfect for your wedding and for your wallet.

Take a look at the amazing suits in When Freddie met Lilly’s wedding suit for $499.95 deal!

Face it men, no matter how casual you usually like to go, there are some occasions where a suit is a must-have.

Like on your wedding day.

whenfreddiemetlilly budget wedding gownAre you dealing with a tight financial plan for your wedding?

You don’t have to deny yourself an extraordinary designer wedding gown!

Find your perfect wedding gown in When Freddie met Lilly’s dazzling collection!

The experts at When Freddie met Lilly will give you realistic and realisable advice for your budget wedding.

We’ll treat you like royalty.

We know how to please brides!

thea-wedding-veilCompleting your look for your wedding is probably the most difficult and most pleasurable task you get to do before the big day.

And you will be stunning when you walk down the aisle. All eyes will be on you!

Will you demurely observe your guests from behind your wedding veil?

Or would you prefer the veil to float gracefully along behind you?

Perhaps you want everyone to see your beautiful hair in that grand hairdo, accentuated perfectly with a delicate headpiece?

You get to choose! That is the greatest!

Lift the veil and browse When Freddie met Lilly’s gorgeous bridal accessories!

The experts at When Freddie met Lilly will help you make the choice. We know how to please brides!

You’ll have wonderful memories and will always love to revisit them when you see yourself in your wedding photos and albums.

whenfreddiemetlilly-bridal-accessoriesWe’ve put you in the perfect wedding gown. You look absolutely stunning!

You would like to have a few finishing touches, but aren’t sure what completes the picture?

Get an eyeful of When Freddie met Lilly’s gorgeous bridal accessories!

Our experts will help you find the ideal finishing touches.

We know what you need to take into consideration when you decide on your bridal accessories. For example:

  • You! Your complexion, hair colour, your personal style
  • The style of your wedding gown
  • Your wedding theme and colours
  • Your bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s outfits
  • And lots more (that’s why we’re the experts!)

Choose adornments that you and your bridesmaids will love forever!


Photo: Talitha, //

When working closely with our customers, we spend a lot of time together and each one of you gains a special place in our hearts. We at When Freddie met Lilly have acquired very fond memories. It is such a pleasure to be able to help you make your wedding day so special!

Last year we met Nicole and her bridal party. It has been lovely to dress them for the big wedding day. Nicole was so kind as to share her photos with us and send us such kind thoughts. Thank you!

Nicole wrote to us:
“Our journey began on the 6th of August 2013 when we met Vanessa [at When Freddie met Lilly] for the first time. The 7 months succeeding this we got to know her extremely well with multiple appointments and consistent communications over the following months. Vanessa in one sense kind of became one of our non-official bridal party members!

Not only did we purchase 3 bridesmaids gowns from her but also the Groom’s suit and 3 Groomsmen’s suits… and then I also returned to have two pageboy outfits all made to order.

whenfreddiemetlilly-wedding-gownAre you struggling through magazines, the internet and advice from your friends in search of the perfect wedding gown? Have you been agonising for days over choosing from the many designs offered?

Modern or vintage style? A mix of pretty things? What would suit you best?

Search no more!

Find your perfect wedding gown in When Freddie met Lilly’s dazzling collection!

Our designer bridal collections host a beautiful assortment of stunning bridal gowns.

Let our experts help you decide which of the gorgeous hand-picked fabrics, bodices, skirt designs and accessories to choose in creating the perfect wedding gown for you.

It’s all in the details!

whenfreddiemetlilly-designer-formal-dressAre you looking for the perfect gown for your next formal event?

We have the striking dress to dazzle your friends. One that you will feel and look spectacular in!

Let When Freddie met Lilly’s stunning designer formal dresses inspire you!

Our experts will help you slip into a gown which will make the best of your body shape, complexion and unique style.

You will be red carpet ready with the Hollywood awards season looks from When Freddie met Lilly.

Hollywood, what better place to observe bling, glam and glitter?

whenfreddiemetlilly-designer-wedding-dressGet inspired by our beautiful Phoenix Collection!

1. Go to When Freddie met Lilly

Visit us in Brisbane, where you’ll be warmly welcomed in our boutique on Latrobe Terrace in Paddington. This is the place where we customize our designer wedding dresses to your exact wishes and needs.

We know how to please brides!

(Not in Brisbane? Contact us to find one of our hand-picked boutiques near you. Otherwise, you’re just a click away from our virtual bridal fashion world.)

2. Try on our gorgeous gowns

Go ahead! Try them all on!

Want to know how absolutely stunning you look?



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