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cocktail dresses brisbaneWhen we hear the words “cocktail dress” today, we automatically think of a formal gown, but at the very longest, knee-length.

Lilly and her friends know the top address for cocktail dresses Brisbane made: When Freddie met Lilly!

The experts at When Freddie met Lilly have made it their business to create fabulous designer gowns which will flatter every body. We know that standard sizes don’t always work. They are a starting point from which we customise and accessorise, to present our customers with unique and complimenting designer bridal and formal wear.

Get inspired by When Freddie met Lilly’s stunning collection of designer cocktail dresses!

But how did this particular form of fashion get that name? Lilly did some research and, no matter if it is 100% right or wrong, she came up with an acceptable answer.

formal dresses brisbane cityDo you have a formal occasion coming up?

No matter if this is your very first formal or not, it is an event that you’ve been looking forward to. And first priority is for you to look and feel great in your brand new designer gown! Same goes for your man; he wants to look and feel awesome at your side. Especially the men need to have a stylish suit that they will want to wear again and again.

The problem for a lot of buyers, no matter if this is the “first time” or not, is:

Where should you start when you are looking for formal dresses Brisbane City or anywhere in the world? We’ll help you answer that question.

Get inspired by When Freddie met Lilly and the five best sources for the most stunning formal dresses Brisbane City!

wedding dresses brisbaneWhen Lilly went to an exhibit of historical wedding gowns last week, she mused on the change in fashion over the years and what our wedding dresses Brisbane made mean to us.

And she realised how lucky we are today. We can choose any style we want! It may be minimalistic or opulent, vintage style or ultra-modern, floor-length or cocktail-length. We can even stray from white and off-white colour, which the historical collection did not do.

Bridal gowns have always been not just beautiful fashion statements, but also symbols with a deeper meaning.

For example when Queen Elizabeth II got married, it was said that her wedding dress with its embroidered garlands of flowers served as a symbol representing the hopes of post war Britain. Kate’s gown also featured flowers made of beautiful embroidery and hand-made lace.

What your wedding dress means to you and your partner is most important, that it suits you and your style, and that you love it!

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bridesmaid dresses brisbaneAre you looking for beautiful bridesmaid dresses Brisbane made and great suits for your gorgeous bridesmaids and groomsmen? You’ve found the right place!

Get inspired by our collection of dazzling gowns and suits!

When Freddie met Lilly offers you stunning bridal fashion

You’ll find unique designer wedding gowns, awesome brand name suits and the most beautiful selection of bridesmaid dresses Brisbane has to offer. Not to mention our spectacular designer formal wear! All are available to you in our private showroom in Brisbane, in select boutiques and of course in our online shop to be shipped worldwide.

Our experts at When Freddie met Lilly are proud to be able to present you with the best designs, hand-picked fabrics and colour range available. Our brilliant designer is always on the lookout for new high-quality textile sources to create fantastic bridal and formal gown styles just for you! Since we hand dye our fabrics, we can offer many of our gowns in over 70 colours.

evening dresses brisbaneAre you looking for a spectacular gown for your formal event?

No need to search any further!

No matter where you are planning to go, When Freddie met Lilly has the best selection of evening dresses Brisbane wide.

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Visit us in Brisbane! We’ll be happy to book your personal appointment. You’ll be warmly welcomed in our private showroom for your very own special experience. This is where you’ll find the best evening dresses Brisbane has to offer!

(Not able to visit us in Brisbane City? Contact us to find one of our select boutiques near you. Otherwise, you’re just a click away from our virtual formal fashion world.)

Try on our gorgeous gowns

Go ahead! Try them all on!

At When Freddie met Lilly you can try on our dazzling designer evening dresses Brisbane to your heart’s content. Our experts know that you are looking for a high-fashion couture inspired gown. We have just what you are looking for.

wedding dresses brisbaneGet inspired by When Freddie met Lilly`s collection of spectacular bridal gowns!

Lilly loves wedding dresses Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly. And she loves wedding blogs. She wishes she would have found this one on facebook sooner. It might have helped a time or two, when she was in a doubting mood.

The idea is to prepare a “fight box”; this might be something that your bridesmaid and groomsman could arrange. A few days before the ceremony, the bride and groom to be write each other love letters and seal them in separate envelopes. During the wedding ceremony, these letters are placed with a bottle of wine in a box, which is nailed shut. An agreement is then made: when the couple have their first fight, the box will be opened. Each reads their partner’s love letter, and then they share the wine and make up.

The point I’m making here, is that your husband to be will surely write to you that he loves you just the way you are! Among other things, of course!

We love our ladies who come in all shapes and sizes!

We have made it our business to create fabulous designer gowns which will flatter every body. We know that standard sizes don’t always work. They are a starting point from which we customise and accessorise, to present our customers with unique and complimenting wedding dresses Brisbane made.

So no more agonising that your body doesn’t fit into the mould which the catwalk world dictates to us!

Make an appointment with our experts to custom fit your very own exclusive bridal gown.

cocktail dresses brisbane cityLilly has a date with her girlfriends for a day at the races! She can’t wait! They have already pored over the inspiring collection of cocktail dresses and formal wear from When Freddie met Lilly.

Now they are looking forward to their appointment in the private show room to choose their very own from the most spectacular collection of cocktail dresses Brisbane City can offer!

But that is still a few days off, and gives Lilly a chance to delve into daydreams about the races. Did you ever daydream about the races? If you are like Lilly, your dreams changed with your age.

When she was about 10 years old, Lilly read every book about horses she could get her hands on. One of the most memorable being National Velvet. This stirring story highlighting the capability of “normal” girls and women to attain their goals and dreams helped her to believe in herself. Lilly was sure she would not just win the local gymkhana with her pony Violet, but that she would certainly ride winning race horses when she was old enough.

Around the time of her 14th birthday, Lilly outgrew her racing dreams as well as the size of the average jockey. Friends and interests, society and style started occupying her daydreams, as her own designs filled her drawing pads and collections of shoes occupied her closet. An imagined day at the races was something completely different from sweating in a riding hat and boots that smelled of manure. She decided she’d rather be watching than riding.

Lilly loves dressing up for formal occasions in the designer gowns and dresses she gets made to measure from the experts at When Freddie met Lilly.

Where would you like to wear your very own sumptuous cocktail dress Brisbane City bought?

wedding gowns brisbane…and not just in Brisbane! Our When Freddie met Lilly bridal and formal wear customers come from around the world. It’s easy: get your formal and wedding gowns Brisbane made, if you can’t take your purchase home with you personally, have us ship it to you. We ship around the world.

We can’t do it without you: the lovely gals and guys who wear our fashion! Thank you for your custom!

You are the inspiration for our designer gowns and suits!

Receiving pictures of you looking gorgeous is so much fun, and we just love sharing them with our community, as many who follow us on instagram and facebook already know.

We can’t resist sharing recent photos of two very beautiful brides with you.

formal wear brisbane citySometimes coincidences happen.

Lilly was getting inspired by When Freddie met Lilly’s new Valentina Collection of designer bridal and formal wear Brisbane City. And then the invitation to her school class 10 year reunion party arrived!

That set her to reminiscing: those were the glory days!

She was young, wild and free; without a care in the world.

And how she and her friends looked forward to the formal at the end of the school year! They would show off the very best formal wear Brisbane City could offer!

Lilly gets out her old pictures. On that evening they were all dolled up with their guys at their sides. Lilly loved her formal gown and her man looked so handsome. They all felt like the best of the pick, but looking back today…the hair…the photos show it all!

Lilly sees the thousands of reflecting lights from the disco ball. And she knows; the glittery glamorous formal dresses from When Freddie met Lilly are just the thing to make the ladies the shining stars of any formal event.

Have a look at the most sparkling formal wear Brisbane City can offer!

bridesmaid dresses brisbaneWho is helping you with your wedding planning?

A few of us do it by ourselves or with our future husbands, some have a wonderful mother or aunt to accompany us on this journey, to help us do a last minute repair job on a ripped seam right before the ceremony.

Most of us turn to our bridesmaids for help with just about everything involved with our weddings. I did.

When Freddie met Lilly dedicates this post to the ladies who deserve the loveliest bridesmaid dresses Brisbane has to offer!