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Melissa and her partner Matt commenced their wedding planning 12 months out from their big day. Their first move was to book their venue, St Mary’s Catholic Church in Warwick, for the cermony and then all focus was on finding The Dress. “Pinterest was also my best friend for 12 months. I think the key was not to forget to surround yourself with close and helpful friends and family. The day ran perfectly and was everything we expected it to be.”

When watching news reports on the fire that tore through popular wedding venue Spicers Hidden Vale, on the 7th of April, the WFML team discussed how awful it would have been for the couple tying the knot that day. Thankfully, no one was injured and we can confirm the beautiful couple who were caught up in this tragedy still celebrated their love and enjoyed their ‘big day’. The pair endured extreme levels of stress however throughout it all, as you can see from the photos, their smiles never left their faces. Emma and her husband Matt are epitomes of the idea that it is not what you have, but the people around you that are of highest importance. This story is belt told in Emma’s words…