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sequinned bridesmaids dresses: Langhem Ida DressShimmer, Shine and Sparkle with Glitzy Bridesmaids dresses!

When every aspect of a wedding speaks glamour and grace, can sequinned bridesmaids dresses be left behind? Bridesmaids, go sequin crazy on that wedding aisle and choose the best of Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly’s beautifully embellished, sparkly and glittery dresses in mixed metallics such as gold, silver and blush.

Audrey Hepburn had once said that “Glitter is ALWAYS a good idea.” Our bridesmaids seem to taking this too heart, as more and more of them are opting for the wow factor of sequinned bridesmaids dresses and ditching their monochrome chiffons! When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane stocks a range of delightful and trendy sequinned dresses that can be revved up all the way or toned down, to suit your personality and personal taste.

antique blue bridesmaids dress: xanadu gown when freddie met lillyWhat’s the latest trend in bridesmaids’ dresses at any wedding? Outfits in shades of stunning antique blue to add that classic, graceful touch to a glorious occasion! Elegant couturiers from Brisbane, most prominently When Freddie met Lilly are moving away from those hot pink and yellow long chiffon gowns that inelegantly scream wedding. Now they are paying more attention to modern styles and fashions in shades of antique blue when it comes to the design of bridesmaid dresses, creating stunning outfits that can be worn more than once.

Antique Blue Bridesmaids Dresses – The Most Elegant of them all

The antique blue bridesmaids dresses are one of the best ways to make you stand out as an elegantly dressed member of the bridal party. Bold enough to draw attention to you and subtle enough not to steal attention away from the bride on her special day, antique blue is the recommended colour by the designers at When Freddie met Lilly.

bariano dress in mint by when freddie met lillyGirls just about to graduate, Con-grad-ulations!

We’re here to assist you to be the star at your graduation that is going to be here soon, if you make the wise choice to choose a Bariano dress from Brisbane!

Now let’s be real here. You’ve probably used up so much of your brains power and energy to get through your final exams that the thought of putting together your graduation ceremony outfit is probably the last thing on your mind, one that will drain you of your remaining energy.

But this is probably the biggest event of your college life and you will want to look and feel your best. Hence, the team at Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly is here to help you to dress up and yet be comfortable!

athena bridal gown when freddie met lilly brisbaneFor any woman, the most thought about and precious outfit that she will possibly ever own is her Wedding Gown, and therefore to create lifelong memories and a keepsake from her wedding, she will want the right guidance to choose the right fabric for her wedding gown.

Brisbane based Wedding Couturiers offer a wide array of choices to a bride and assist her is taking the best decision in terms of wedding fabric colour, look, weave, quality, texture, drape, wearability and care to best suit her personality and body type. The idea is that there should be no skimping on the quality of the fabric if a long lasting dress is to be created, as better quality fabrics create beautiful, everlasting dresses as perfect memories.

Look no further as When Freddie met Lilly is the best choice for brides and bridal parties for all kinds of Thai Silk dresses at astonishing prices!

when freddie met lilly multiway dresses milla maxiWith mounting expenses for your special day which is just around the corner, finding the perfect dress for yourself as well as your bridesmaids has never been as easy, or conveniently affordable, than the beautiful, flattering Multiway dresses from Brisbane’s own luxury wedding couture designer, When Freddie met Lilly.

These Brisbane designed party dresses are the ultimate call in versatility as one single dress, due to its various combinations of fabric, sashes and material straps, can be worn in multiple ways to suit any occasion.


“A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality & style of the bride.”                                                        -Carolina Herrera

The most important day of her life, a day she’s dreamt of since she was a little girl, the day when her life as a woman officially commences, her biggest day yet – A Brides Wedding Day!

Amidst all the revelry and celebration, for a bride, the most important aspect is to look as glorious and as special as possible, and it is here that the wedding dress comes into effect.

To make her special day dreamlike, magical and mystical, a bride’s best bet will be a well defined outfit in a modern, bridal dress style that will set her apart from everyone else and make the day truly her crowning glory.

brisbane formal wearLilly has recently come to the conclusion that she loves her body! And she especially loves the way she feels when she is in Brisbane formal wear created by When Freddie met Lilly!

Sure, there’s a little too much here and not enough there, but when she looked at herself in the full length mirror after trying on her new gown from the When Freddie met Lilly Brisbane formal wear collection, she was more than satisfied.

She and her friends know where to go when they are shopping for cocktail dresses or formal wear in Brisbane: to When Freddie met Lilly!

Get inspired by When Freddie met Lilly’s spectacular selection of formal gowns!

Lilly discovered When Freddie met Lilly when she was looking for her first bridesmaid’s dress and her big sister’s wedding gown. They were both so pleased with the designs, the service, and the fit and feel of the gowns, that she went back a few weeks later when she was looking for a cocktail dress for a business party. Ever since, she was hooked. The place to go for Brisbane formal wear and bridal fashion is When Freddie met Lilly!

beach wedding dress brisbaneAre you planning your wedding?

What is your theme going to be?

How about a theme featuring seaside, sand and your beach wedding dress Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly?

Get inspired by When Freddie met Lilly’s collection of stunning bridal fashion!

The beach wedding theme is probably one of the most versatile and popular choices a couple can make when planning their wedding. Who doesn’t day dream of eloping and getting married on a tropical island with a delicious long drink in their hand? Admittedly, most of us will opt for getting married within our circle of friends and loved ones, and will have to decide on an appropriate venue, whether we invite four guests or 400.

No matter where you are planning to hold your wedding ceremony, all weddings have one thing in common: the bride and groom must look and feel their absolute best on their wedding day.

Luckily, that is easy for both of them to achieve with an awesome custom suit and striking beach wedding dress Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly!

formal suitsLilly’s niece is doing an exchange year in the United States and is going to an American High School. She’s having so much fun meeting new people and learning about traditions in America.

One milestone in lots of American teenagers’ lives is their first Homecoming Dance where teens often wear their first formal suits and dresses.

Lilly’s niece is a very fun and gregarious young lady, and she quickly found friends when she got to the exchange school. When one of her nicest classmates asked her to go to Homecoming with him, she agreed.

Oh, cool, she thought, that must be Prom, and she was pleased to have remembered to bring along her very suave When Freddie Met Lilly formal gown, which she had worn at her school formal and never wanted to take off again. Here was going to be that opportunity!

bridal fashionThank you to all of When Freddie met Lilly’s lovely fans who joined us for our Spring Valentina Launch Night on October 9th! More than 120 guests came to enjoy bridal fashion, bubbly and much, much more with us.

They got to view our newest and most favourite wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses and suits worn by our gorgeous models. We presented more than 50 designer gowns and suits with us!

Combined with our fellow vendors’ displays, the sumptuous food and champagne and the great company (our charming customers!), it was a night to remember!

We had a great time with delightful Hayley Wilson, Miss World Queensland 2014, who hosted the occasion and modelled our featured Giselle Gown in red sequins.

When Freddie met Lilly’s experts love brides and know just what you are looking for: the hottest designer bridal fashion Australia has to offer!