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butterfly wedding theme when freddie met lillySpring and Summer are the seasons for weddings, but that’s not the only thing in these seasons. These are also the seasons for butterflies. Therefore, if you want your Spring or Summer wedding to look gorgeous, consider having a butterfly wedding theme. Brisbane’s designer, When Freddie met Lilly wants to dress your wedding party for this butterfly wedding.

Butterfly Wedding Theme Locations

Of course, you can have your wedding anywhere you desire. However, if you are having a butterfly wedding, one of the most gorgeous locations to host your wedding would be in a garden. If you happen to have a flower garden in your area, chances are that during your butterfly wedding theme, butterflies might actually show up making it all the more special.

wedding dress trends illusion backWedding dress trends come and go. But one trend that never seems to fade is that of the illusion back wedding gown. These gowns offer timeless elegance that every bride is sure to love. At our store When Freddie met Lilly we are one of the top Brisbane designers of wedding dresses and we offer a long line of gowns that feature illusion backs.

What is an Illusion Back?

An illusion back wedding gown is a dress that features a unique see through back. The material that the backs of these dresses can be made from any see through material. However, they are mainly made from lace or a sheer tulle. One of When Freddie met Lilly’s most popular wedding gowns with an illusion back is the Angelique Gown.

festive christmas wedding when freddie met lillyBelieve it or not Christmas time has always been a very popular season for weddings. Due to the fact that everyone is already in a good mood, and your wedding will top it off and fill all with joy. Brisbane’s designer, When Freddy met Lilly has the perfect wedding attire if you are looking to host a festive Christmas wedding. Below you can find a few of our favoured items as well as learn some festive Christmas wedding tips.

Festive Christmas Wedding Gowns

When people think Christmas they often think snow, sparkles, and glistening. Therefore, you want your bridal gown to represent this is some way. That is where When Freddy met Lilly brings you the Isabella Gown. This gown brings you all three of the above listed items. White as snow, sparking hand embellished bead, and silky tulle bottom to make you glisten at every turn. This is the perfect bridal gown for your festive Christmas wedding.

star wars wedding when freddie met lillyStar Wars has always been a big hit. However, with the new movie releasing it has really begun to spark popularity again. However, did you know that many people have considered and even had a Star Wars themed wedding. It really is easier than you may think. After all, the girls always wear dresses, and you know the main lead male wear dress clothes. How hard is that to pull off, well guess what? Here at When Freddy met Lilly, we are a top Brisbane designer and we are bringing you the ultimate Star Wars wedding attire.

Star Wars Gown

As you may know Princess Leia is known for her long sleeved white dress. Well, When Freddy met Lilly has a ton of dresses that fit the Princess Leia long, flowing, sleeved gown. One dress offered is the Jacqueline Gown. This is a simple long sleeve gown that resembles the princess gown. However, this gown is much more beautiful, the sleeves are lace and the back is open to give you a Star Wars mixed with elegance feel.

a-line wedding dresses when freddie met lillyGrowing up as a child most brides to be dreamed of wearing a gown that made them feel like a princess. If you still have this dream, then you may be interested in looking into a few A-line wedding dresses. This is a very popular style brought to you by Brisbane’s designer When Freddie met Lilly.

Simple A-Line Wedding Dresses

The A-line wedding dress comes in a variety of different styles so that there is a gown for every bride. However, if you like the idea of an A-line dress, yet don’t want to wear one of the large poufy ones, there are dresses in this style made just for you. Here at When Freddie met Lilly we bring to you the Victoria Gown. This gown brings you the tradition of the A-line, but it also has the embellishments and style to give it a modern twist. The gown is covered in a soft floral lace, and has elaborate hand embellished sleeves. This dress offers the best of both worlds.

When Freddie met Lilly Brides DelenaIt’s a busy time of year for the ladies behind When Freddie met Lilly as the Grade 12 Students complete their final year of school and celebrate with an end-of-year graduation… It’s also a crazy time of year with many weddings coinciding with the holiday season. As the weather begins to warm and everyone seems to slow down in preparation for some much needed down-time, it’s a beautiful season for our Brides Big Day! To follow on from our last blog – we have a little questionnaire with another one of our stunning When Freddie met Lilly brides, Delena!

Delena’s Big Day!

So please tell us, how did you meet the man of your dreams !?
We actually met online which was very strange for both of us! We found out that we had lived a few minutes from each other for our whole lives and even had a number of mutual friends. We clicked straight away and have been inseparable ever since. 

Formal Gown when freddie met lillyAs the year draws closer and closer to completion and people start slowing down in preparation for the holiday season. The girls at When Freddie met Lilly are busy busy busy!!

It’s an exciting time of year because all our beautiful girls are graduating from Year 12 and many have the biggest night of their lives coming up… Their Formal!

Its a very special occasion for the girls because its a great way to celebrate what was a stressful year and, a moment, to look to the future and the exciting opportunities that are to come. It’s a night to spend with friends you share memories with and a time to come together as a family and say, “We did it!”.

We are so privileged to watch these girls grow into women. We are so special you choose our dresses!!

mesh wedding dress when freddie met lillyOn your wedding day, you want to feel beautiful, happy, and delicate. This is the day you have waited for your entire life. Therefore, you want a dress that is going to make you feel all of the above things. At our store, When Freddy met Lilly; we offer a long range of dresses that can provide you with these things. We are one of Brisbane’s designers and can help you find a wedding dress of your dreams.

Simple Mesh Bodice

Mesh is one of the main things you should consider when trying to find a wedding dress that makes you feel delicate. These are a few different dresses that feature a mesh bodice. One of the favoured mesh bodice dresses is the Emme Gown. This gown features very little mesh on the bodice, but enough to leave you feeling elegant. The Emme Gown also includes textured lace, an open back, and has a classic line cute to keep you feeling like the princess you are.

Vintage Bridesmaid Gowns When Freddie met LillyVintage weddings never go out of style; they are not only timeless but stylish as well. At our shop, When Freddy met Lilly, we want to bring you not only modernized bridesmaid gowns but the vintage bridesmaid gowns as well. That is why we are one of the top Brisbane designers of wedding attire, because when you visit our location you will definitely find a dress that fits your wedding theme perfectly and flawlessly.

What are the Different Styles of Vintage Bridesmaid Gowns?

Vintage gowns come in several different styles. It really just depends on what era you are wanting your wedding theme to mimic. Each era has a different dress style. Therefore, before you make a decision on what you want your vintage bridesmaid gown to look like you first have to get an idea of the theme. However, When Freddy met Lilly has several different era dresses for you to choose from.

sexy high slit wedding dress when freddie met lillyEvery Bride is different. There is no right or wrong wedding dress style. Some brides choose to go with more of a traditional princess ball gown style dress, while others choose to go the sleeker, sexy, high slit wedding dress route. Here at When Freddy met Lilly we want to help both types of brides. Being one of Brisbane’s designers, we think that it is important to carry a wedding dress in every style so that every bride is happy. However, this article is to let you know more about the sexy high slit wedding dress.

Who Can Wear a High Slit Wedding Dress?

Well, the answer to your question is anyone! Your wedding day is the day you can wear whatever you want, without the fear of being judged or uncomfortable. It is your big day. However, if you are wanting to wear a dress that does have a slit yet don’t want to go with the highest one possible, then When Freddy met Lilly has you covered. One of the favourite dresses we carry in store and online that features a slit is the Edda Gown. This gown features a stunning mid-thigh slit and a V-neck with capped sleeves. This gown is elegant, classy, and sexy all at the same time. Therefore, going to prove anyone can wear a slit wedding dress.