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hen freddie met lilly brides anna (6)Anna Smith was married in Bali just 3 weeks ago and says she had the “most amazing day”. She sincerely thanks the girls at When Freddie met Lilly for creating her stunning Valentina Gown and tells us about everything from planning to her big day with her hubby overseas!

So please tell us – with months (or even years!) of planning, did the Big Day run smoothly !?
The day was more incredible than we ever could have dreamed of. We both had such a great day and night and hope our guests had as much fun as we did!

Was your wedding themed? Did you and your hubby go for a traditional feel or more contemporary style?
We always said we wanted to have a very casual and low- key wedding by the beach. We got married in Bali, overlooking the ocean. We didn’t have a theme as such but always said we wanted casual boho style yet still classy. It was a relaxed day and the location was so beautiful that we didn’t need much in the way of decorations etc.

perfect wedding gown for your body type christie gown wfmlAt When Freddie met Lilly, we know that brides come in all shapes and sizes – and they’re all beautiful! As women, we tend to focus on our imperfections; our butt is too big, our feet are too narrow, our chest is too small. But the perfect wedding gown for your body type can make any ‘imperfection’ look perfect. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and as such, you want to look as good as possible. We can help you find the perfect gown and tailor it so that it looks like it was made just for you.

Different Body Types

There are several different body types and we have designs to fit every one of them. If you don’t know what your body type is, here are a few guidelines:

spring wedding wfml cressida gownPlanning your wedding is one of the most important stages of your life and definitely one of the most fun! At When Freddie met Lilly, we can help you plan an awesome spring wedding, from your wedding dress with accessories to formal dresses for your bridesmaids. We know that you need to look your very best and that the whole day needs to go off without a hitch. Here are 5 ideas to help you plan your perfect day.

5 Ideas for the Perfect Spring Wedding

  • Themed Wedding: Whether it’s a roaring twenties, Alice-in-Wonderland , Disney princess or other theme, these can add a unique touch to any wedding, both modern and traditional styles. Our shop in Brisbane has several dresses that fit these types of themes, including our Selene Gown, our Cressida Gown and our Victoria Gown.

fairytale themed wedding wfml bogart gownThemed weddings are very popular today. Many young couples want to give their big day a special meaning, so they try to pick a theme that speaks volumes about who they are, about their hobbies and personalities. Some of them choose to be Game of Thrones characters; others want to bring their favourite video game to life, while others want nothing more than a fairytale themed wedding. When it comes to fairytale wedding gowns, no one does it better than When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane.

Fairytales are beautiful and romantic, and so are most weddings, so there’s no wonder this choice is very popular among brides and grooms of all ages, coming from all walks of life, but sharing the same dream, the dream of an unforgettable wedding day.

Organizing Your Fairytale Themed Wedding

Organizing a fairytale themed wedding isn’t a difficult task. There are lots of props you can choose from, so all you need to do is plan everything thoroughly and check all things as they unfold. You need to define your version of a fairytale as detailed as possible because you are going to have to tell all your suppliers what you want them to do for your big day. Moreover, you need to implement your concept in the invitations, as well as in the outfit guidelines you are going to send to your guests.

classic wedding dresses when freddie met lilly christina gownIf you are looking at classic wedding dresses for your special day, there are a lot of things to consider. Beadwork, lace and other embellishments often adorn classic gowns and they add a wow-factor that is hard to beat. At When Freddie met Lilly, we offer some of the most gorgeous gowns that will take your breath away. There is simply no other wedding shop in the Brisbane area that has the selection we have.

Classic Wedding Dresses

So what makes a gown classic? There are many designs and styles you can choose from in order to stay with your idea of classic. Maybe you want a gown with capped sleeves, or head to toe lace detail – our Langhem Elle gown definitely fits that bill. Beautiful and sleek, this dress offers the perfect choice for a classic style wedding.

when freddie met lilly brides eliza-jane (1)Eliza-Jane described her wedding to now hubby, Darius as “very intimate and a true reflection of our couple style. We had 22 people in total and we said I do at the Registry office. I did a lot of DIY projects and styled the whole day to give it our personal touch. We are in no way a cookie cutter/traditional couple and our theme definitely showed that. Our day was all about keeping it real and romantic. We just wanted to celebrate!” Below she tells us about her experience with the When Freddie met Lilly girls…”

So please tell us – with months (or even years!) of planning, did the Big Day run smoothly!?
Yes! It ran perfectly 🙂 We were all just so calm and excited and it seemed like nothing could ruin the moment. We just were too busy celebrating with champagne to even know if the timing wasn’t right :)I think we ended up going over time with our Limousine hire time because we were having so much fun getting photos taken but luckily the company was great about it!

when freddie met lilly real brides chloe (3)Real When Freddie met Lilly Bride, Chloe Moore, was wed to her now hubby, Nathan, in our stunning Valentina Gown. She accessorised with a simple silk belt and tulle veil. Below, she tells us about her big day…

So please tell us – with months (or even years!) of planning, did the Big Day run smoothly !?
The day was absolutely perfect! There was not one thing I would change and everything went to plan.

Was your wedding themed? Did you and your hubby go for a traditional feel or more contemporary style?
Our theme was intimate, romantic and relaxed. We had a small wedding of 56 people, a lovely outdoor garden setting for the ceremony and a beautiful clear marquee for the reception filled with fairy lights and hanging flowers. We used accents of soft pinks and golds to decorate.

mocha bridesmaid dresses langhem monet wfmlDeciding on a colour scheme for your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. If you are like many of today’s brides, you may want to choose a neutral colour scheme that incorporates soft colours such as taupe or mocha. This helps create a classic colour palette for your wedding, providing a sense of elegance and sophistication that is difficult to achieve with any other colour scheme. At When Freddie met Lilly, we realize how important your bridesmaids are too you and have a fine line of mocha bridesmaid dresses for you to choose from. With that being said, read on below for a few tips to help you choose the right one for your friends.

Tie Your Mocha Bridesmaid Dresses into Your Colour Scheme

After you decide on a colour, the next step is to find beautiful mocha bridesmaid dresses for all of your bridesmaids. Tying the dresses into the colour scheme can help create a cohesive look for your wedding. The process of choosing dresses is a bit more complicated than it may seem at first glance, however. There are many different factors that you need to take into consideration in order to find dresses that fit and flatter all of your bridesmaids.

roaring twenties themed wedding wfml nyree wedding gownIf you love history, jazz, and your favourite book is The Great Gatsby, a roaring twenties themed wedding could be the perfect way to celebrate your union! This is definitely an original theme, and there are many ways to play with this theme to plan an amazing wedding. At When Freddie met Lilly we realize how much your wedding means to you and have a wide range of dresses and accessories to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Set The Mood

You need to decorate your wedding venue to make people feel like they walked straight back into the 1920s. Finding some chairs and tables that evoke the 1920s might be difficult, but you can have some art deco patterns painted on the walls and use these same designs on your invitations, menus and place cards. Rent a classic car to arrive in style! Finding a car from the 1920s might be difficult, but you can still make an impression with a classic Cadillac or classic Rolls Royce. Imagine the sighs of awe when you step out of one of these cars in a vintage Nyree Gown from When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane. From the soft baby tulle skirt to the rounded bodice, you will look every bit the vintage bride at your roaring-twenties themed wedding.

wedding checklist clarissa wedding gown wfmlGetting married is something that many people dream of for a very long time before it actually happens. As a young girl, you may dream of the day where you are wearing the perfect dress, carrying beautiful flowers, and most of all walking down the aisle to your very own Prince Charming. While life is not a perfect fairy tale, your wedding day can be pretty close to perfection if you plan it that way and create a detailed wedding checklist for a perfect wedding day. At When Freddie met Lilly, we know how important your wedding day is to you, so read on below for tips on creating that checklist to give you a day you will always remember.

Wedding Checklist for a Perfect Day

As you begin to create your list, it is important to think of some aspects of your very own fairytale wedding. You may choose to go traditional, or you may choose to create a wedding that is totally unique and doesn’t follow any of the rules. Most weddings include apparel– a dress, bridesmaids dresses, a tux, shoes for everyone, a veil, jewellery, and other items for the wedding party to wear.