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How Do a Stunning Designer Wedding Gown and Budget Wedding go together?

whenfreddiemetlilly budget wedding gownAre you dealing with a tight financial plan for your wedding?

You don’t have to deny yourself an extraordinary designer wedding gown!

Find your perfect wedding gown in When Freddie met Lilly’s dazzling collection!

The experts at When Freddie met Lilly will give you realistic and realisable advice for your budget wedding.

We’ll treat you like royalty.

We know how to please brides!

Don’t let your budget wedding planning get you down! There are dozens of tips out there to help you. You don’t need to go over the top, but you also don’t have to do without what is important to you.

Are you in search of a wedding gown that you will love wearing and look fabulous in?

Search no more!

When it comes to the dress for your very own splendid occasion, you don’t have to cull from your invite list to get what you are looking for.

With our selection of stunning $999.95 or less designer wedding gowns, When Freddie met Lilly will make your dreams come true.

Take a look and you will find a wide variety of striking gowns in our collection. They all have one thing in common: highest quality. We exclusively use natural fabrics and laces, hand-picked by our brilliant designer and sourced from all over Australia and Asia Pacific. Each and every gown is embellished by hand and has gone through a very delicate construction process before it is ready for you.

We love our featured Rachael Gown! Made of splendid silk and silk chiffon, with hand beaded details on the bodice and back, the back view is just as delightful as the front! This gown is ideal for a beach or garden wedding, which would provide you with ample room for all you guests without the considerable cost of renting a large venue.

A more informal reception can also go easier on your pocket when planning your budget wedding, since finger-food or catering from your favourite sandwich shop fits right in.

Our Charlize Bride Maxi is a striking shoulder free gown. Combining our designer Charlize bodice made of Thai silk with our cut tulle Aphroditie skirt, we deliver the perfect dress for a wedding planned in the warmer months. It also offers you a lot of freedom when choosing your hair style on your most important day.

Do you have the time of year planned but not the exact date? Ask for pricing for several days in the week when booking your venue or hotel. Chances are you’ll be able to save some dollars on your budget wedding by booking on a slower day.

The lovely French Daisy lace bodice on our Selene Maxi wedding gown is a real eye-catcher! Counterbalanced with four layers of tulle flowing to the floor, you’ll look fantastic wearing this sophisticated gown.

Decorations are one more biggie on your to-do list. When selecting your budget wedding decorations, don’t be too set on your choice of flowers. Remember that hot-house roses and other imported exotics can be very expensive when you compare them to local in-season flowers and greenery for your bouquet, garlands and centrepieces.

Do you love French lace detail? Another of our stunning gowns is the Thea Lace Maxi. The Thai silk top will caress your body while the layered tulle skirt will grace your every move. It is so comfortable; you are bound to outlast all of your guests!

Some guests will not leave without a party favour to remember your wedding with. Our budget wedding tip here is to make multi-purpose wedding decorations instead of purchasing extra souvenirs. For instance, small decorated pots or jars with offshoots from an overflowing garden can double as place cards and mementos. The only limit is your imagination.

Does flowery frill flatter you? Our Lotus Gown may be just the thing! The sweetheart bodice is made of Thai silk embellished with French lace. Delicate hand cut flowers abound at the waistline to flow into the graceful tulle skirt. Absolutely delightful.

All of our designer wedding and formal gowns can be custom fit and are available in up to thirty different colours. We have the perfect affordable dresses for you and your bridesmaids. Plus you’ll find stylish and versatile suits for the well-dressed groom and his groomsmen at When Freddie met Lilly (ask us about our suit deal!).

Today you can do whatever you want on your glorious wedding day. You are not bound to following tradition and are free to set your own style. The most important thing is that you look and feel fantastic on your most important day!

Come visit us in Brisbane or in one of our choice boutiques. You will receive VIP treatment, all inclusive!

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