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How to Make Your Special Day Even More Special with Bridesmaids Dresses from When Freddy met Lilly!

whenfreddiemetlilly-bridesmaids-dressesYour best friends are shining like jewels in their bridesmaids dresses. Each of them has found a gown that suits her exactly right. They are glowing and they know it! They look so happy and stunning!

You feel the luxurious fabric of your fabulous wedding gown soft and reassuring against your skin, and now it is time for your entry. As you walk down the aisle, all eyes are on you.

This is your day.

Your day is perfect, because everyone in your wedding is beautiful. And beautiful people radiate happiness.

Let’s face it. As women, we don’t just want to find happiness for ourselves. You could almost say our daily lives are filled with the desire to please others.

But we at When Freddy met Lilly know how to please brides! Let us make you and your delightful bridesmaids happy with our gorgeous, customised bridesmaids dresses.

Absolutely trending (and might we add: absolutely lovely for women of all sizes) are razor cut and high necklines. At Freddy met Lilly we custom fit the perfect gown for you and your bridesmaids. And we will make all the gowns to correspond with your wedding theme, be it modern or vintage. Your bridesmaids will enjoy looking stunning, with you at the centre of attention, loving every minute of it!

The ladies whom you want with you on your most memorable day will love their bridesmaids dresses from When Freddy met Lilly!

Your best girlfriend will absolutely bloom in one of our above pictured Cleo bridesmaids dresses. Doesn’t she just look so sweet and innocent with the ruffle at the neck? The Thai silk and tulle skirt will caress her and complement her every move.

If you love the flow of the Cleo, but want less frill, then the modest Maddison is for you. Both are available in 20 colours and the back can be tied in various ways.

We adore the mesh neckline style on our Moonbeam Gown. The bodice details are just the right touch to accentuate her waist. As always, we are there to customise the flowing skirt to exactly the right length and add other unique touches. These bridesmaids dresses are made of stunning silk chiffon and available in 30 beautiful colours.

Does she like a more natural style? The Willow Maxi Dress could be exactly what you are looking for. The dramatic backless silk gown has an eye-catching jewelled neckline. And it doesn’t end there! Each of the 30 available colours has a unique stone detail and fringing on the neck ties. Combined with the separate plaited belt, your bridesmaid can fasten the neck ties in many different fashions.

Do your bridesmaids want matching gowns? Accessorise to make each of your friends a unique work of art with one of our beautiful headdresses, silk bows and belts. Our Vintage cuff can be ordered as a hairpiece, cuff, belt embellishment or strap detail!

Or perhaps a Marabou Shrug is just what they are looking for.

By the way, When Freddy met Lilly bridesmaids dresses can also be ordered in cocktail length. They are a joy to wear, are perfectly versatile and are thus ideal for formals and other dressy occasions.

Your bridesmaids won’t want to take them off again!

The same goes for the gentlemen.

When Freddy met Lilly will help them into the perfect custom fit suit that even the most casual guy won’t feel uncomfortable in. Do they need a lightweight suit to wear with either an open collar or with a tie? We have the perfect linen/cotton blends for a beach and garden weddings.

Or would your man prefer a cool wool suit for a vintage style wedding and more formal occasions?

Our suits are available in a variety of materials, with or without trim on the lapel or pockets. No need for concern, after the wedding is over, he’ll love to put his suit on again and look for other occasions to wear it.

And to get back to pleasing others, you don’t need to overdo it! Sit back and enjoy.

Let us at When Freddy met Lilly fuss over you.

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