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The Most Stunning Bridesmaid Dresses Brisbane. Here’s to the Bridesmaids!

bridesmaid dresses brisbaneWho is helping you with your wedding planning?

A few of us do it by ourselves or with our future husbands, some have a wonderful mother or aunt to accompany us on this journey, to help us do a last minute repair job on a ripped seam right before the ceremony.

Most of us turn to our bridesmaids for help with just about everything involved with our weddings. I did.

When Freddie met Lilly dedicates this post to the ladies who deserve the loveliest bridesmaid dresses Brisbane has to offer!

If you are like me, a very special woman is your closest affiliate when you plan your wedding. Maybe you are lucky to have several special women in your life to help you. Everything from the service to the reception needs to be planned in detail. Decorating, invitations, help putting on the wedding gown; all these tasks are made so much easier when shared with those great friends.

They’ll be the ones who are in on just about every decision and secret plan for all details of your wedding.

When you choose your wedding gown, they will be there with you. And they will probably also be the ones to surprise you with a really great hen party, planned just to your taste.

Those special friends will most likely be your bridesmaids on your wedding day.

Who will be the one that everyone is watching at the wedding? The bride, of course! She will have a special aura all of her own. No one will top her in beauty on the big day. I dare say, though, that the bridesmaids deserve to look fabulous, too!

Let the experts at When Freddie met Lilly inspire you with the most stunning bridesmaid dresses Brisbane can offer! The team is proud to be able to present you with the best designs, hand-picked fabrics and colour range available. Our brilliant designer is always on the lookout for new and beautiful textile sources to create fantastic bridesmaid gown styles just for you!

We love our featured Athena Maid Maxi! Made of luxurious silk and chiffon, this beautiful dress is available in over 30 different colours. The bodice is lovingly hand-embellished and fastened with versatile long neck ties, which can be fixed in different ways and are long enough to go around your waist. The sweeping chiffon skirt has an underlay skirt that can be made knee-length or full-length.

Our sleek Frilly Maxi is enchanting. We hand dye the 100% silk and polyester fabric to any colour you like. The V-necked bodice is detailed with ruffles and fastens with plaited ties around the neck and waist and sweeps down to a floor-length skirt. It’s lovely and playful.

We’ll find just the right style to go with your wedding theme and to suit your bridesmaids’ personalities. You have found the best place to find bridesmaid dresses Brisbane wide! Make personal appointments with us. We’ll give you all the time you need and all of our attention while you are trying on as many gowns as you please.

Since we have hand-picked our fabrics, we can offer you your choice in bridesmaid gown styles. Should all of your bridesmaids wear the same gown in different hues, or different gowns in the same hue?

Our lustrous Aurora Maxi has our favourite When Freddie met Lilly lace lining the Thai silk bodice. The fitted waist emphasises your figure and sweeps down in a floor length crinkle chiffon skirt with full underlay skirt. Should the evening get chilly, our Marabou Shrug is just the thing to glamorously accessorise the gown.

Many of our dresses are available in a maxi and a cocktail version. Check out our shoulder free Charlize gown! Should your bridesmaids want to go long skirted, the Charlize maid maxi offers several embellishments, such as a leaf strap over one shoulder, different skirt variations and the possibility to customise to every wish. And after the wedding we can alter the gown into cocktail length.

Speaking of embellishments, our collection of accessories allows you myriad ways of making your gown a unique work of art. Our hand-beaded cuffs and belts are available in as many colours as our gowns. A favourite is our plaited Willow Plaited Belt, available in silk or chiffon, over 30 colours and ending with sweet beads and tassles.

Make an appointment today! We have just what you are looking for in bridesmaid dresse Brisbane. You’ll find the most dazzling bridal fashion for the bride and groom in our private showroom, as well as formal and cocktail dresses.

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