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As International Demand Grows, Australian Bridal Fashion Brand When Freddie met Lilly Soars like a Bird on Fire with the Launch of the New Phoenix Gown Collection!

phoenix-bridal-fashionLadies, we know there are many special occasions where formal dresses will develop into a compulsory requirement rather than a nice-to-have option. There comes a time in our lives where one of those extraordinarily special occasions is your own wedding.

Regardless of whether you find yourself in the position of ‘always a bridesmaid…’ with a closet full of bridesmaid dresses, or your special day has finally come, the most exhilarating and emotional decision is always that perfect wedding dress, the crowning glory of your special day.

That is, besides your new husband, of course. We are excited to present you with our new bridal fashion Phoenix Collection!

Take a peek, your perfect wedding dress is just waiting to be discovered at When Freddie met Lilly!

International markets are now taking note of our Brisbane based wedding dresses and formal dresses brand When Freddie met Lilly, as we focus on formal dresses for all occasions and bridal fashion. With the Phoenix Collection, we’d like to introduce French inspired designer wedding dresses that will embrace and accentuate your feminine curves, no matter if your wedding theme and location calls for a modest garden or beach wedding dress or a lavishly royal Victorian themed wedding dress.

Already renowned in Brisbane for the most stunning wedding dresses and formal dresses, with everything from sweet/vintage candy colour palettes to modern cut necklines with elegant vintage fabrics, it is the key features of our new collection that effortlessly entertain the discerning needs of the modern bride. Fortunate brides wearing a gown from the Phoenix Collection will want to walk that bridal fashion catwalk and take more than a few spins showing off the luxuriously modern back detailing, from the vintage inspired Margharette Gown with rich gold beadwork to naughty Veronica’s deep plunging back.

Perhaps you are desperately seeking that sophisticated vintage style of the Great Gatsby with fabrics such as Waterlilly and Thea laces and silk skirts all twisted with a splash of modern glamour like the Phoenix Gown. The soft French laces with a delicate bridal floral elegantly complement our modern designs.

Or perhaps your sense of style may be leading you away from Waterlilly and Thea lace to seek out modern designer wedding dresses such as the Lizabelle Gown. This is the gown for the ultimate modern bride. Did you just feel your heart skip a beat after looking at the Lizabelle Gown, too? That lace corseted bodice gives a hint of sexy atop a voluminous tulle skirt that strikes just the right balance for the modern bride.

And we have just the right thing for your modern bridesmaids, too! Have they been dragging their heels? Send them straight to us at When Freddie met Lilly where they will find an extensive collection of bridesmaid dresses in a stunning array of styles such as the Tulle bridesmaid dress in a vast colour palette to include:
-Aqua Marine
-Off White
-Baby Pink
-Navy and more!

In Brisbane, because of the uniqueness and popularity of the bridal fashion design, When Freddie met Lilly wedding dresses are much sought-after attire that women wear at what most of us would consider being the most important occasion in our lives. Moreover, if your wedding dress or formal dress needs that extra bit of flair, don’t forget our accessories!

We all know that elegantly stated accessories will complete or at least complement an outfit. When Freddie Met Lilly does not skimp on design when introducing the Abby Belt, a beautiful hand embellished beaded belt that helps finish and draw in the waist for a beautiful bridal silhouette. We would love to help you find the perfect belt, a beautiful cuff or delightful headdress to accentuate your beauty on your special day!

And our men don’t have to go out empty handed either. Is he having problems finding the right suit? We will custom fit our elegant suits to fit him perfectly. When shopping at When Freddie met Lilly, you are assured top quality, range of style, colours and best customer service.

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  • Sharon & Courtney
    November 13, 2014 at 9:18 pm

    Courtney looked amazing at her recent formal thanks to the beautiful gown supplied by Vanessa – very stylish and eyecatching. Thanks for all your assistance.

  • Georgia-Rose
    July 1, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    I can’t thank Vanessa enough for the amazing help she gave me. I had purchased a dress online (yes I know a risky move) I received it today and it was the wrong colour! I stressed out majorly as my school formal is a week away . When Fred Met Lily was my last hope as I had looked everywhere else and had no luck of finding another dress. Vanessa seriously saved me I am so happy with my purchase I feel amazing wearing it. I highly recommend everyone to visit them when looking for a special occasion dress they are very friendly and actually help you not just let you wonder around lost.

    Thank you so much!!

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