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Bodice: What is best for you

bodice: what is best for you - when freddie met lillyThe key to choose a wedding dress that flatters your figure is to pick the right kind of bodice style that suits your body type. At wedding couturier When Freddie met Lilly, we give you advice about the myriad options of bodice styles to work with to make you look your best on your special day!

Importance of the Bodice

At Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly we believe that a well fitting bodice made from precise measurements is the key to a gorgeous wedding outfit. The overall appearance of the bride in her beautiful designer bridal gown is determined by the shape and fit of the wedding dress bodice.

Maximum visual impact is given by a well fitting bodice, such as in our Charlize Bride Maxi with the slightly dipped sweetheart bodice. The designers at When Freddie met Lilly will help you understand the different cuts and fits of bodices to enable you to pick the one that showcases the best of you and your style.

History of the Bodice

The bodice derives its name from its design, as a pair of “bodies” which were actually two separate clothing pieces usually laced together to make one single bodice.

Luckily, the function of the bodice has now evolved to enhance the feminine figure of a bride. It also helps to showcase the best of the brides features in a range of styles available, like in the Lotus gown from When Freddie met Lilly with the perfectly cut sweetheart bodice with French lace.

Wedding Dress Bodice – The key to beautiful memories

The designers at Brisbane wedding couturiers When Freddie met Lilly offer well cut bodices for bridal gowns that zip up at the back to enhance the bride’s natural silhouette. Most wedding photos will focus on the top halves of the bodies. It’s imperative to have a dress with a bodice that fits well for beautiful pictures!

When Freddie met Lilly’s designers will help you to choose the right style of bodice to suit the natural shape of your body. As the focal point of a bridal dress, the bodice can be fitted to outline the bust or free flowing if the bust needs to be concealed.

Popular Bodice Styles

We offer a range of bodice styles like the halter in our whimsical, glamorous Frilly Maxi, the one shouldered vintage Charlotte Gown, and the beautiful water lily lace bodice of our Lani Gown.

However, our most popular bodice style is the sweetheart, in which the neckline is curved like the top half of a heart at the top of the bust. This can be designed as a softer cut, as in the Lilliana Maxi offering complete bust protection. The Phoenix Strapless Gown also offers a classic sweetheart bodice for a perfect bridal look.

Whether you choose a well fitted bodice or prefer doing without one, opting to just line the lace or fabric in the top of your dress, at When Freddie met Lilly we have something to appeal to every bride!


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