WFML Real Bride & Groom: Meg & Jason

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The Day

While Covid-19 has affected and changed a lot of people’s lives and wedding days, some people have refused to let it change their plans. Our Real Bride Meg and Husband Jason, wouldn’t let Covid change their plans, saying ‘we would have gone ahead even if only 5 people had been allowed’. Only wanted to get married and nothing would have changed that for them. Expecting no dancing due to restrictions, they were happily surprised when one week before dancing was allowed. Adamant that they were never going to postpone, Meg and Jason were ready to get married as soon as possible. Meg shares, “Life’s too short to waste time waiting for things to happen or change.”


The Dress

When Freddie Met Lilly was the first and only bridal shop Meg visited. Coming with some pictures of some dresses and styles that she was interested in and took it from there. Being short on time we worked out what we were going to do and got her dress started. After that I had a few fittings and then it was done! Meg shares, “The whole process was relaxing and enjoyable. I loved coming for a fitting to cuddle Coco and see the girls. The BEST CREW EVER!! I loved my dress. It made me feel beautiful and I felt it suited our day perfectly. I am sad that I can’t wear it again.”


The Experience

We are so happy we were able to make your beautiful dress and day that much more perfect. And are so glad to hear it all went well. Our Real Bride shares, “The Girls at WFML made the process so simple and quick. They also made my husband's suit which was Amazing.  They were intuitive and just knew what I was asking for.  I felt that they were very skilled at taking some of my vague descriptions of what I wanted and making it a reality. They gave advice about what would and would not suit my shape and went the extra mile to hand dye my lace to get the colour that I was looking for.   The whole process was something I enjoyed and I looked forward to going to see the girls for fittings.  I am a bit sad that I don't have an excuse to see them (and Coco) again.”


The Suit

WFML had an incredible selection of materials, colours & designs. Jason shares, “We spent about an hour selecting everything while sipping Champagne & voila! - it was all done.” Not thinking about how their styles matched each other - just what they both liked and looked good on each other. Jason had nothing in mind when it came to a certain style for his suit, he shares, “I just followed the advice of the girls at WFML and picked it all on the day. In the end the suit I chose complemented Meg’s dress beautifully with a vintage look which was beautiful."


Their Advice

Tips for future brides from our Real Bride, “Listen to the girls at WFML for advice, they know what they are talking about. Relax and don't sweat the small stuff.”
And tips for future grooms from our Real Groom, “Be bold & take the advice of the girls at WFML! Don't worry about weight changes approaching the wedding - I kept shrinking but they were able to do a final fitting within a week of the wedding & have the pants taken in.”

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