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Black Bridesmaid Gowns

black bridesmaid gowns langhem ida dress when freddie met lilly brisbaneWhen it comes to picking out your bridesmaid gowns there is no set style or colour you have to go with. Your bridesmaid’s dresses can be just as custom as your gown. But there are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind. Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly offers a long line of bridesmaid gowns to choose from. However, one certain style is growing in popularity, black bridesmaid gowns. More and more brides are choosing to go with this colour because of the benefits it offers.

Black Matches Everything

It has been said time and time again that black goes with anything and everything. Therefore, if you are having trouble finding a dresses colour for your bridesmaids that match your wedding theme, you can always turn to black. When going with black bridesmaid gowns for a top designer such as When Freddie met Lilly you can be guaranteed that it will look perfect with whatever theme or colours the rest of your wedding is centered around.

The Milla Maxi is one of the many dresses offered by Brisbane’s designer When Freddie met Lilly. This maxi gown is 100 percent silk, meaning it will leave your bridesmaid in love with its lightweight material. It is very versatile as well. This way, you can dress all your bridesmaids in the same dress, yet they can tie it in their own ways to make them each different.

Stunning Elegance

Black is a classic look that never goes out of style. It offers a timeless look of stunning elegance. Black Bridesmaid gowns such as the Langhem Ida Dress is one that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on everyone at your wedding. When Freddie met Lilly got the inspiration for this gown from old Hollywood glamour. This gown features a mermaid style with sequins in a geometric design. This dress features a modest cut so that you don’t worry about your bridesmaids showing too much skin. However, any black bridesmaid gown offered at When Freddie met Lilly will provide your wedding with an elegant and seamlessly stunning look.

Accessories to match Black Bridesmaid Gowns

One of the best things about going with black dresses is that they go with everything. This means, no matter how plain the bridesmaids gowns you choose to go with are, they can be easily styled up with accessories. When Freddie met Lilly is not only a provider of wedding attire, but they also offer a few custom accessories. These range from belts to jewellery, and even headwear. Stop by our location today to find an accessory that will match your wedding perfectly.

These are just a few of the several reasons as to why you should go with a black bridesmaid gown. Stop by When Freddie met Lilly today to find wedding attire for your entire bridal party. If you can’t find a gown you are completely in love with, they can help you create one. Visit our location today to get started on finding your dream wedding attire.

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