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The Biggest Wedding Dress Trends 2018, Part 2

Wedding dress trends 2018 are here…the world’s bridal designers are already stretching their creative abilities to the limit, and are coming forward with the most original ideas you could ever dream of!!

Here are more surprises we at When Freddie met Lilly just love telling you about!

Wedding Dress Trends 2018: For love of Jewellery

Crystal or pearl-encrusted gowns and OTT jewellery will be seen everywhere, and for brides who want to stand out and be the centre of attention, there’s lots of sparkle!

Go for three-dimensional beaded embellishments, like an off-the-shoulder column with rows upon rows of pearls, and even opulent head-to-toe pearls or rhinestones, to ensure a unique and unforgettable style. Imagine even pearl-detailed pants and top, a delicate pearl or jewel-encrusted belt, or sequinned jumpsuit! How about going for silver geometric beading for a vintage-inspired vibe?

The bustier look is also now in fashion, with a richly embellished bodice, and intricate beadwork-detail from the waist up to the neckline, or the top of a strapless gown. Exquisite details such as stunning blue crystal work, pearl-like beading or full-on gems (diamonds and pearls), on overlays of ultra-feminine lace, create a unique textured bustline!

Unique Prints and Textures

Some of the wedding dresses of 2018 don’t even look like wedding gowns! Colourful, printed in flowers, appliqued or embroidered, they are guaranteed to stand out!

Gorgeous full skirts, or entire dresses, are now in a soft floral print. These subtle prints are mostly in an ivory or white colour, but you could also grab this opportunity not to wear any form of white. Instead, incorporate a slight touch of metallic pastel, especially pale blue, a mint or peach.

If you were looking to make an individual statement, a gown with colourful floral embroidery might just be, what you were looking for!

Go for Separates

The wedding dress trends 2018 declare that almost anything goes for a wedding outfit! This is great news if you prefer something a little off the traditional designs.

You prefer a more sleek or relaxed look and feel of pants over a dress? Try the striking combination of a fitted bodice with beautiful draped palazzo pants, a two-piece ivory suit, an embellished sweater and tulle skirt, or even an elegant laid-back jumpsuit!

The hot Tankini designs which came on the scene while designing swimsuits, are two-piece gowns – including a full skirt with a small top that reveals a slight opening for the bride’ s belly to peep through. It’s trendy, cute, and sporty! Or dare to be playful and carefree and show off your gorgeous legs with a cute, clever design of the short skirt and top.

Especially have a look at our ‘Drew’ and ‘&’ Collections here at When Freddie met Lilly. The ‘&’ collection is cheeky and fun designs for the modern or bohemian bride. You can mix and match the separate pieces, wear them over another gown, or change into them as a reception outfit. They are made with our finest silks and laces.

Brides who are finally tying the knot next year have a lot to look forward to, judging by the gorgeous wedding dress trends 2018 is bringing.

We here at When Freddie met Lilly have the perfect gowns and accessories for you – to match these trends!

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