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The Biggest Wedding Dress Trends 2018, Part 1

Wedding dress trends 2018 are coming, and the world’s bridal designers are already looking forward with a HUGE range in different styles and colours dramatically exhibited.

Full of surprises, this stunning fashion takes on a whole new look that you are just going to love! Expect to see colour like you’ve never seen before: dark reds to pastel pink and baby blue, and even gothic-inspired black touches (yes, really!)

Unexpected details like jet-black ribbons, OTT jewellery, and even suits make their appearance! And with statement bows and capes, feathers and off-the-shoulder shapes, you no longer have to dress like the conventional bride!!

And we here at When Freddie met Lilly have the perfect gowns and accessories to match these trends.

Here they are – straight from the bridal catwalks..!

A Touch of Black

Black is one of the biggest wedding dress trends 2018. Remember to combine black with white for that high-contrast effect.

A Touch of sophisticated black detail to add interest to a white dress – like swoop-y draped black bows at the back, subtle black trim, extra-large black flowers on gowns, a black belt or velvet ribbon tied around the waist, short skirts made with black grosgrain…or black ostrich-feather ball gown skirts – seeing this much black is rare!

Comfy Capes

With a long cape layered over a matching style gown, you can now make your outerwear part of your look and stay comfortable plus warm on your wedding day. Capes are romantic and regal, made to suit the shape of your wedding dress and a statement piece on its own.

Invest in a crystal-encrusted or adorable embroidered cape with a dozen strands of pearls and gems. Or opt for a sleek modest look if you’re a minimalist, which is grand yet understated. The Fifties-style fit and flare dress with white jacket hanging over your shoulders, will be your interpretation of true vintage.

Colourful Prints and Textures

Some of the wedding dresses of 2018 don’t even look like wedding gowns! Colourful, printed in flowers, appliqued or embroidered, like gorgeous full skirts, or entire dresses, are now in a soft floral print. These subtle prints are mostly in an ivory or white colour, but if you want to grab this opportunity not to wear any form of white, incorporate a slight touch of metallic pastel, especially pale blue, mint or peach.

You were looking to make an individual statement? Then a gown with colourful bloom embroideries might be just what you were looking for!

Wedding Dress Trends 2018: Huge Veils

2018 is the year the designers embrace the dramatic veil. It is extra-long made out of tulle, covered in silk flowers or embroidered with tiny blooms. The simplest no-frills dress can now be paired with a lush veil. That’s why we love that trend so much.

Your veil can even be wrapped around the neck to double as jewellery, worn across the shoulders like a modern shawl or wrap across the face!

The XL Ball Gown

It is the resurgence of truly huge, voluminous ball gowns again, like those with many layers or puffs of tulle and a bold extra large statement bow in the back. As a wedding dress trend 2018 the bows will be bigger and better than ever.

Even if they’re not exactly easy to dance in, you’ll surprise everyone with such a dramatic gown!

SO many surprises in the new bridal fashion for next year, that we ran out of space here…! Our next blog will continue with even MORE great ideas for the wedding dress trends 2018!

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