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Best Vintage Bridesmaid Gowns

Vintage Bridesmaid Gowns When Freddie met LillyVintage weddings never go out of style; they are not only timeless but stylish as well. At our shop, When Freddy met Lilly, we want to bring you not only modernized bridesmaid gowns but the vintage bridesmaid gowns as well. That is why we are one of the top Brisbane designers of wedding attire, because when you visit our location you will definitely find a dress that fits your wedding theme perfectly and flawlessly.

What are the Different Styles of Vintage Bridesmaid Gowns?

Vintage gowns come in several different styles. It really just depends on what era you are wanting your wedding theme to mimic. Each era has a different dress style. Therefore, before you make a decision on what you want your vintage bridesmaid gown to look like you first have to get an idea of the theme. However, When Freddy met Lilly has several different era dresses for you to choose from.

One of the most popular dresses carried by us is the Maya Gown. This gown is sweet and feminine. It features a phoenix lace top to give a vintage feeling and it covers just enough to make it acceptable for the era it came from. A different style vintage gown is the Lacey Cocktail. This dress falls just above the knee so that it is the length of your typical bridesmaid gown. With its patterned lace, it gives just enough to make it feel vintage but look modern as well.

What Colours are Good for Vintage Gowns?

A vintage bridesmaid gown can come in any colour your wedding is themed around. However, if you want to give it the ultimate vintage feeling, the Brisbane designers When Freddy met Lilly, offer several different colour options. As always when you buy a dress from our store, you can get it completely customized to what you like. This goes for colours, size, and even details. When Freddy met Lilly is a one-stop shop for all of your bridal party needs.

Accessories to Pull Off the Vintage Look

No matter the era, women always have used accessories to complete their looks. That is why you should consider adding accessories to your vintage bridesmaid gowns. These accessories can be anything from jewellery, to headbands, to even belts to give your gowns a bit of extra sparkle and lace. However, when picking out accessories, you need to make sure that you are staying true to your style. This means not choosing an accessory from one era and your gowns from another. This way everything will flow perfectly and flawlessly.

If you are wondering if you can pull off the vintage look don’t worry, you can! When Freddy met Lilly is famous for offering custom products. If you are looking for the wedding dress or your bridesmaid dress, you can find it with us. From vintage to modern, you will find something that will fit you perfectly. Visit us in store or online to find the bridal gown as well as all your bridesmaids gowns.

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