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The Best Ideas for a Lemon Themed Wedding

Your wedding needs to be centered around something you love, as well as your favourite colours and even the season it is taking place in. Therefore, if you are having a summer wedding and you love the colour yellow, then a lemon themed wedding would be a great idea for your wedding. Not only is it fun, but there are so many cute ideas to go with it, such as serving lemonade in old fashion mason jars. Below you can find some of the best ideas for a lemon themed wedding to get you started.

5. Lemon Place Cards

Place card holders can get pricey if you need a bunch of them. Stick with your lemon theme by using a lemon as the card holder. Simply place your name card on a pick and stick it into the lemon. Ta-da lemon place card holders.

 4. Lemon Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Just because your wedding is lemon themed doesn’t mean you can only use lemons to decorate. Lemon-themed weddings can also go with anything that is yellow, white or an accent colour. A great centrepiece for this style wedding would be to fill jars with lemons, then add some white flowers such as daisies in the jar. This really gives a country feeling that goes great with the theme.

3. Yellow Bridesmaid Gowns

We from When Freddie met Lilly offer the latest in wedding attire. Therefore, if you are looking for a bridesmaid dress that will work wonderfully with your theme, visit us in Brisbane. For your lemon themed wedding, you may consider the Cleo Cocktail. This is a fun and flirty cocktail dress that works perfectly for bridesmaids. It comes in over 30 different colours including lemon and baby yellow.

2. Lemon Flavoured Cake

What better way to incorporate lemons into your theme than to have it in your cake? Your cake doesn’t have to be completely lemon, or yellow with lemons all over it, it can be of course, but sometimes a little is the best bet. The lemon filling is great with a vanilla cake. Talk to your baker for the best suggestions.

1. Yellow Accents to Gown

Everyone believes your gown has to be stark white. However, that is not the case. Have fun with your gown and style it up how you choose. Often, brides choose to accent their gowns with a shawl or ribbon, or even a belt. If you choose one of these for your lemon wedding, consider a yellow or even a crystal one from When Freddie met Lilly such as the left belt.

Your wedding is completely custom to you. Therefore, don’t worry about what others think of it. Have fun, enjoy some lemonade as your refreshments and shop at When Freddie met Lilly for all your wedding attire. All gowns and dresses are customized to your wedding party. From colour to size, and even the little details that can help you achieve your dream wedding design. Stop by our Brisbane location today to start shopping for your dream wedding gown.

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