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Beautiful Wedding Dress Belts

wedding dress belts when freddie met lillyYou are preparing for your big day, the day of your wedding. While every detail matters, some may be considered more important than others to a bride. One of those crucial elements is, of course, the wedding dress and everything that goes with it. Accessories for a woman’s wedding dress tend to get less attention to some extent, although they are still fairly important pieces. Wedding dress belts, for example, can add something special to your wedding dress. Here are a few reasons to consider having a belt paired with your wedding dress.

1. Wedding Dress Belts Can Make a Basic Dress Stand Out

Not all women can afford to have a custom wedding dress made or go to a fancy boutique. However, that does not mean they are unable to make their wedding dress stand out, and fit their personality more. From the hairstyle down to the shoes, a bride can be sure that their dress wows her groom and guests, and makes her feel like a queen. There is one accessory though that is not really getting the attention it deserves: wedding dress belts. These belts can take a simple wedding dress and make it look like a unique one that costs thousands of dollars when it really cost much less. The Aphroditie belt from our collection is a must have for any bride to be.

2. They Can Highlight the Bride’s Body

Wedding dress belts also are a great way for a bride to accentuate her figure more. This can be something that attracts many brides, especially those who go on diets during the months before. This can help highlight the changes they have made, or even just make them happier about their body’s appearance. Even if a bride has not gone on a diet, a belt may be able to give them more self-esteem and confidence when it comes to their big day.

3. Add Some Glitz and Glamour without Going Overboard

Some women are not very big on super glitzy dresses and accessories. However, sometimes they still like the idea of having something sparkly on their dress. One way they can get that little bit of sparkly is with wedding dress belts. The belts come in a number of different sizes, and some have more or less glitzy gems than others. Therefore, it will not be overwhelming, while still letting the woman add that little extra touch to her wedding day outfit. The great thing is that it is also not necessarily an overly expensive piece of glamour that you could add. If you are looking to add some glitz to your wedding dress then check out our all hand beaded Bow Belt as well.

These are only three reasons why women should be considering adding wedding dress belts to their wedding dresses. They can really transform a dress, without having to take it to a tailor or anything of the like. If you want to learn more about why you should be considering a wedding dress belt, talk to the team at When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane. Not only can they tell you more, but also they offer a wide selection of wedding dress belts, and other wedding related items.


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