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Beautiful Bridal Gown Accessories

aphrodite belt bridal gown accessoriesIf shopping for your wedding gown wasn’t fun enough, Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly make shopping for bridal gown accessories a real treat. It’s a great idea to always remember the first and only rule when shopping for bridal gown accessories: Don’t overdo it!

Choose subtle, elegant and classy accessories to keep you shining the brightest on your big day. Here are some tips that make it possible for you to look like royalty without looking like you raided the Queens closet!

Bridal Gown Accessories Must Haves

Matching Metals
Choose bridal gown accessories of certain metals to match the colour of your bridal gown. For instance, a pure white dress is best highlighted with silver or platinum jewellery, like our Perri Headdress that suits everything from a bohemian to a formal wedding or our stunning Abbey cuff that makes your wrist highlight your dress. Dresses embellished with beadwork can match the colour of the beads with the accessories, like the Pearl Luster Headdress from When Freddie met Lilly.

Keep it veiled
A veil is an iconic bridal gown accessory which is available in various options from Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly. They look beautiful when matched with the exact colour of the gown and complement the gowns in terms of their length, material like sheer or tulle and style.

Choose from floor length veils like the baby soft tulle Donna Veil adorned with water lily French lace pieces, the Phoenix 2 Tier Veil to add structure to the outfit, the Thea veil with lace around the comb and the base and many others to complete your wedding look.

Topping it on
Your bridal look can be topped off with a fascinating array of hair accessories from Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly if veils do not interest you. You can choose our Flower Crown if your locks are going to be loose, a dainty Venice Hair Comb as an alternative to the veil, the Pearl Crown Headdress if your bridal gown also has pearl detailing or for a glamorous retro look, the Abbey Tulle Headpiece.

A contemporary twist to the traditional accessories, head chains add a slightly edgier look to the romantic bridal gown. Take your pick from the Fleur, Cha Cha, Crystal Wrap Gold, Shantilly and our many other ranges.

Belt it up
A belt is the simplest way to add a bit of your personality to the bridal gown while helping to create the illusion of sexy curves. A bridal dress can be instantly upgraded with the right waist cincher to match your body type. Choose from When Freddie met Lilly’s range from the classic Chiffon Leaf Belt and the chic Willow Plaited Belt, that glams up the bridal gown, to the beautifully embellished Aphroditie Belt to create pure bridal magic.

Keep it comfortable
A gorgeous pair of shoes is a must to complete the wedding outfit, but make sure you don’t compromise on comfort. Shoes made of high quality, natural materials are the best to keep you smiling throughout the day. At When Freddie met Lilly, we take our services a notch higher and customize your bridal gown to match your shoes! Whether it’s using the delicate colour of the shoes to reflect in the underlay of the bridal gown or as an inspiration for the Venice Tulle Belt, no demand from our brides is ignored!

While shopping for the perfect bridal gown accessories, remember that your special day will bring out the best, most beautiful and elegant version of your everyday self. Therefor choose accessories that reflect this by not straying too far from your normal style.

Happy Shopping!

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