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Be the star at your graduation with a Bariano dress

bariano dress in mint by when freddie met lillyGirls just about to graduate, Con-grad-ulations!

We’re here to assist you to be the star at your graduation that is going to be here soon, if you make the wise choice to choose a Bariano dress from Brisbane!

Now let’s be real here. You’ve probably used up so much of your brains power and energy to get through your final exams that the thought of putting together your graduation ceremony outfit is probably the last thing on your mind, one that will drain you of your remaining energy.

But this is probably the biggest event of your college life and you will want to look and feel your best. Hence, the team at Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly is here to help you to dress up and yet be comfortable!

When you look back on your graduation day, you want to think that “I had a great time and I looked fabulous too!” The best way to create and retain this memory is to choose from When Freddie met Lilly’s lightweight, semi-formal Brisbane made Bariano range of dresses that add that hint of sophistication to your outfit and make you look like the mature adult like you are about to become while keeping your look young and age-appropriate.

Bariano dress: Dress to express and impress!

Since you probably will be taking an infinite number of pictures on this day, it’s imperative that you get the right look. Our dream team at When Freddie Met Lilly will assist you to pick out something that looks sassy enough to reflect your age and conservative enough to suit the formality of the ceremony.

Choose a Bariano Embellished Halter Maxi that is available in several colours like mint green, black and lavender that will contrast with the graduation robes and perfectly complement your specially done for the occasion hairstyle and makeup to create gorgeous memories as pictures that will be all over Facebook as well as placed over your parents fireplace mantel.

Plan what to wear under your robe

Your bulky robe will almost cover your entire outfit, yet it is vital to choose the perfect outfit for this occasion, like a gorgeous gown from the Bariano range, as advised by Brisbane couturiers When Freddie met Lilly.

Sleek designs like those of the Bariano One Shoulder Elastic Wrap Dress or the Bariano Halter Neck Gown in black and white are the right choice as they are relaxed fits that are comfortable yet do not add any extra volume to the already blown up graduation gown.

Step up other aspects of your look

The only really visible part of your outfit will be your shoes, so make sure you choose a cute, dressy pair to match your gorgeous Bariano dress. Paint your toenails for that added flourish.

It’s also a good idea to go all out with makeup and wear eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipstick, as together, with your custom made When Freddie met Lilly Bariano dress; you’ll look great in the far-away pictures your parents will take from the audience as well as the official portrait shots.

Ultimately the ceremony is a fun day for all, and with the right clothes from Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly under your robes, you will definitely be the star of this very special day!


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