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A-Line Wedding Dresses from When Freddie met Lilly

a-line wedding dresses when freddie met lillyGrowing up as a child most brides to be dreamed of wearing a gown that made them feel like a princess. If you still have this dream, then you may be interested in looking into a few A-line wedding dresses. This is a very popular style brought to you by Brisbane’s designer When Freddie met Lilly.

Simple A-Line Wedding Dresses

The A-line wedding dress comes in a variety of different styles so that there is a gown for every bride. However, if you like the idea of an A-line dress, yet don’t want to wear one of the large poufy ones, there are dresses in this style made just for you. Here at When Freddie met Lilly we bring to you the Victoria Gown. This gown brings you the tradition of the A-line, but it also has the embellishments and style to give it a modern twist. The gown is covered in a soft floral lace, and has elaborate hand embellished sleeves. This dress offers the best of both worlds.

Full A-Line Dresses

If you are a bride to be, and you are looking to sport the full on fluffy ball gown A-line dress then Brisbane’s designer When Freddie met Lilly has you covered. One of the most popular gowns in this style is the Holly Gown. This gown features a hand embellished strapless bodice and a full tulle skirt. This gown is sure to leave any bride feeling like a princess.

Summer A-Line Styles

Often times people seem to think that these style dresses are large, bulky, and do not work as a dress to wear during the summer. But, in reality an A-line dress can be a short one as well. One dress brought to you by our store is the Valarie Tea Length Gown. This dress falls right below the knee so that it leaves you feeling cool even in the summer. It also features a lotus lace v neckline and a soft tulle skirt. When Freddie met Lilly offers more than this short summer gown. If you want to find more summer dresses stop in today.

Custom A-line Wedding Dresses

When you visit our location in Brisbane, you will learn that any dress can be customized. Therefore, if you find a dress that you love, yet it isn’t in your size, we can create it. All dresses can be customized to match your desires. From colours, size, details, and length, if you can dream it, we can create it. However, you have to first come in and look through our selection.

An A-line wedding dress is a great choice no matter what your body type is or what look you are going for. It is a very traditional shape and will look classic on every bride. If you are considering wearing an A-line dress stop by our store When Freddie met Lilly today. Not only do we carry A-line, but you are bound to find your dream dress as well as be able to dress your entire wedding party in one stop.

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