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5 Tips for a Whimsical Circus Themed Wedding

When you were young, and the circus came to town, you knew there was going to be fun. Till today the sense of excitement has never stopped. Combine it with a wedding, and you get a fantastic celebration! Why not create a bright, colourful, handmade wedding with the flair of a whimsical circus? If you love bold colour choices, quirky details and non-traditional elements, this wedding theme is for you. Below are 5 tips to keep in mind when you plan your whimsical circus themed wedding.

1. Circus Themed Decor

Design a DIY wedding with bright decorations and unique vintage twists to surprise your guests! With a cigar girl, quirky pinwheel bouquets, boutonnieres and carnival-like games, your wedding will be full of glee! Entertainment options to rent are equipment and vendors for your wedding reception, such as the big tops, and popcorn or fairy floss machines. There are even “circus performers”- trapeze artists and more! Think about hiring different “acts” (such as the ragdoll, serial ring artist and hula hoops). The theme can also appear in your DIY vintage, carnival-style marquee letters, fun signs (such as for popcorn and games), paper straws, colourful invitations, refrigerator box ticket, photo and kissing booths, circus tent, and tin cans. The gorgeous china and linens have festive designs and the florals are the perfect touch you’ll love! (Remember a good photographer for capturing this cheery design!)

2. Unique Food and Fun Flavours

For a vintage circus themed wedding, get your hands on the wedding food, since such a wedding should be packed with plenty of good foods. Make the guests enjoy unique cakes and fun flavours. Treat them to fresh popcorn, candy and cute mini cupcakes or donuts! Add the renditions of hot dogs and funnel cakes, and spend the evening playing games, or sip wine by the old truck drink stand, out of vintage coke bottles with red and white striped straws!

3. Bohemian and Vintage Dresses for your Circus Themed Wedding

Should you choose a bohemian or vintage circus themed wedding, we at When Freddie met Lilly have just the dress for you!! We specialize in bohemian and vintage dresses, so why not have a look at these fantastic examples: Our Valentina collection has a bohemian style with fine french laces and floaty skirts – such as the Nikita Gown which exudes modern elegance and charm. Trickles of lace compliment the lavish Selene skirt. A beautiful gown for your your wedding! Then the Hepburnesque Collection is inspired from vintage and contemporary as well as muses of Hollywood fashion. Look at the Sean Cape with the assortment of When Freddie met Lilly’s signature embellishments. Dress in any of our gorgeous dresses and you’ll be stunning (as you always are..) And remember the groom’s bowtie!

4. Venue for a Circus themed Wedding

Choose a beautiful and quirky venue in the hills, the wine country, or decide on a ranch. Add a colourfully restored vintage house and it’s immediately something different! How about a circus tent? Or make use of nature, the country, a garden, forest, an island or zoo! Think about a restaurant or even your home for your circus themed wedding!!

5. Your Own Style Whimsical Wedding

Combine another theme with a circus themed wedding! Cover your rustic venue in vivid hues. Go with a colourful, or a romantic, natural whimsical wedding in soft colours. Imagine a whimsical pink garden wedding! Or, you finally tied the knot so there’s no question. You decided on an intimate whimsical wedding!  There’s also the modern, or a patterned whimsical celebration! But maybe you’re finally getting married to the boy you pined over… So you decided you’re just going for a safer option – a romantic, intimate vintage setting!!

Customize your special day. Pay attention to your décor accents, food, venue, gown, and style elements for that unforgettable circus themed wedding everyone will keep talking about!

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