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5 Tips for a Simple Wedding

More often than not weddings are overdone. This can leave you feeling as if you have missed something from your big day. There is so much hustle and bustle that it goes by in an instant. By having a simple wedding, you can slow down enough and enjoy all the little things that make your day so special to you.

1. Keep the Guest List Small

One way to make sure you have a simple wedding is not letting the guest list get out of hand. We know this can be hard to do as you feel obligated to invite everyone. However, this is your day, and you share it with who you want. Therefore, if you haven’t seen them in a year don’t invite them, don’t talk to them outside of work, don’t invite them. By keeping the list small, it can feel more intimate and enjoyable.

2. Simple Wedding Attire

Wedding attire really can set the tone for a wedding. Therefore, if you want a simple wedding, then you should consider not going over the top on attire. You, of course, want your dream dress, and that’s okay. When Freddie met Lilly offers several different dresses such as the Alexis Gown with Detachable Skirt that could be everything you dreamed of. However, bridesmaid dresses don’t have to be so dramatic. The Charlize Maid Maxi offers a simple look yet is still stunning at the same time. This bridesmaid dress also comes in over 30 colours. Therefore, it will match whatever colour you chose to style your wedding with.

3. Keep Decorations Minimal

Even though decorations play a part in the atmosphere, they can just cause you a headache messing with them all night and trying to get them ready beforehand. Instead, opt for a more minimal style, a few small flower arrangements and some candles will set a romantic tone and keep your wedding simple.

4. Catering

Food for the reception is often the most expensive part of your wedding. By motioning for small catering or even just designating someone to bar-b-que you can keep in simple, and even cut costs dramatically. However, if you do want to make a big dinner, only have a few options instead of a full menu.

5. Enlist Help

Even a simple wedding requires some effort. While this is your big day, and you want it to be perfect, sometimes it is important to get help. The more people you give certain duties, the simpler it gets for you. In turn, allowing you more time to enjoy your wedding. Make a to-do list and find a few trustworthy friends and dish of a few duties.

Every wedding is personal to the couple. Therefore, if you like to keep things small and avoid large crowds, a simple wedding is the way for you. Here at When Freddie met Lilly we want your wedding to be everything you dreamed of. Whether it be extravagant or simple and beautiful, stop by our boutique in Brisbane today to start your wedding shopping and planning.

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