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5 Tips for Planning a Literary Wedding

The books that we love can define who we are and be an individual expression of our personality. So if you and your partner are bookworms like us here at When Freddie met Lilly why not having a literary wedding? Dive into the absolute unique ideas below for adding literary charm to your big-day celebration.

Incorporating elements of all the poems, stories and tales of your history that helped you finally choose your Prince Charming, is a great way to make your big day unique and personal.

There are just SO many ideas for a literary wedding, but we finely ‘hand-picked’ 5 tips for you that you can’t go without! Here they are!

 1.Your literary wedding in a library

Still searching for a venue? Ever thought of a library? You could either choose to make your reception look like one (which isn’t all that difficult) or consider a historic public library with built-in charm and character, surrounded by some of the greatest love stories in literature.

2. Books for your decor

Okay, so the invites, looking like they’re written on library index cards, are out… How about turning your programs into ‘newspapers’, typical with pictures and columns?

You could theme your literary wedding around a favourite book, like Alice in Wonderland, which will add a little magic to your big day.

Choose between wording from your favourite book pages for your wedding signage and décor, or simply display quotes. Turn book pages into garlands for your aisle or ceremony décor, create paper flowers from the pages of classic love stories and fairy tales, or string books from the ceiling. For a book arch, simply position two book shelves in front of an existing arch. How about a bookshelf for the drinks (maybe outdoors?)

The literary table

Create tables that tell a tale about your beautiful relationship…

Get creative with your table names or numbers. Incorporate a stack of charming vintage books, bundled with string or tied with ribbon as a simple centrepiece (with a table number on it). How about turning a typewriter into a centrepiece? Or vintage wooden library card cabinet drawers? You could also go for a simple elegant fairy-tale centrepiece, or name your tables after famous literary vintage covers – like the ones each named after a different Penguin classic novel.

Create a storybook table runner – by ruthlessly ripping out some pages out of a few second-hand books, arrange and glue them together and there you go! Your unique table runner. Or drape your old cookbooks over the dessert table..

Show your guests to their table with library cards turned into escort cards, placed inside a folded book (giving something to read while they wait for the main course!)

4. Exquisite bouquet

The best is yet to come…

Besides revamping old pages into a boutonniere or bow tie… imagine this original bouquet you’ll want to keep. How about a bouquet of flowers made from photocopied book pages?

Wear this with any of the magnificent designs from our designers here at When Freddie met Lilly, as we specialize in vintage fashion – fitting your literary wedding perfectly. Our Hepburnesque collection was inspired from the juxtaposition of vintage and contemporary fashions as well as incredible muses of Hollywood fashion. This is for you if you want an ethereal glamorous look that is oh-so special!

Maybe you prefer a gown from our @-collection, which is for the modern or bohemian bride, but a cheeky and fun collection.

Also have a look at our Valentina gown, a fully lace gown from our Valentina range, which is the perfect combination of vintage glamour and modern chic.

5.To round it all off

Now you just have to say your vows with a ceremony reading from a love story or your favourite childhood books…

To end the beautiful celebration, make your guests take a book home as a favour… even more fun…set up a mini library, and let guests pick their favourite book!

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas for how you can incorporate a literary theme into your wedding day, and that you’d find inspiration for the day which will be the start of your happily ever after…

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