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5 Things to Remember Before Wedding Dress Shopping

5 things to remember before wedding dress shopping_when freddie met lillyWedding dress shopping can be one of the best parts about planning your wedding. However, if you don’t go fully prepared it can also be a very stressful part. That is why here at When Freddy met Lilly we try to do everything we possibly can to make the experience a great one. However, before you walk into the store, you should consider these five things when you are wedding dress shopping.

1. Always Bring Someone Wedding Dress Shopping

First and foremost, you should never, ever go wedding dress shopping alone. There are multiple reasons for this. However, the main one is second opinions. Just because you have always dreamed of wearing the Angellica Gown, doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with something completely different. Therefore, you will need a second opinion. Just remember whom you bring with can make or break the experience, so choose wisely.

2. Bring Any and All Undergarments

This may seem like a no brainier, but there is more to it than that. Here at When Freddy met Lilly we are one of Brisbane’s top designers and there are several different styles of gowns to choose from. All of which might not go with the undergarments you are going to be wearing on your big day. Therefore, make sure the undergarments you are wearing when wedding dress shopping are similar to the ones you will be wearing on your big day.

3. Wedding Dress Sizes are Different than Everyday Sizes

This is where many brides get discouraged. It is when they walk into a bridal store only to find they are three sizes up. Don’t worry; you haven’t really put on three more sizes. Wedding gowns are just sized differently. Therefore, when you go to try on the slim fitting Bronte Gown only to realize you have to move up a few sizes, don’t get discouraged.

4. Comfort is One Thing, Looks is Another

Remember, this is a dress you are going to be wearing for several hours. Therefore, you need to be comfortable and be able to move around quite a bit. This means you may need to look at a couple of different dresses and narrow down a few of your favourites to make sure you are comfortable in one of them. Experts suggest that you do some bending over, some kneeling down and even a few different dance moves before making a decision on a dress for your big day.

5. Time of Day is Important

Wedding dress shopping can be a time consuming day. Therefore, make sure you don’t make your appointments during your lunch break or for an hour after work. You are going to want to take the entire day for your appointment and make sure you set it up for early in the morning. That way you are not worn down and will be able to handle trying on dress after dress.

Wedding dress shopping can be a blast and go smoothly as long as you remember the above things. This day should be a day you remember forever. Crying is optional, but you have been warned it may happen. Congratulations and we can’t wait to help you on your big day.


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