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5 Romantic Forest Wedding Ideas

Create memories with magical romantic forest wedding ideas for your big day! Turn your real forest venue into a romantic and truly fairy-tale place with greenery – beautiful trees, moss, and flowers,  and lots of little lights. Or how about creating a romantic garden ‘’forest’’ where no forest exists! Make everything in your forest peaceful and calming with a mysterious atmosphere, or go for colourful and floral. Your guests will remember this for a long time…as a really unique wedding! And the best thing, you don`t have to go overboard with your decorations, as nature is this time truly on your side. Whether it’s in spring when everything blooms, or in magical autumn when you are surrounded by so many beautiful colours. Just imagine how stunning your wedding pictures will look.. Let the magic begin!!

1. Forest wedding decor

Organize a romantic forest ceremony with an eye-catching altar, isle decor and arch, with greenery, moss, and ferns! Remember to take inspiration from nature (.. your surroundings the focal point of your wedding ). Think branches, stones, woodcuts, fireflies, berries, garlands, butterflies, fairies, egg’s nests… If there’s no forest, move your comfy vintage sofa to your garden  –  create a unique ‘’forest’’ wedding with candles, and tree lights hanging from a big old tree, and make guests sit down comfortably to enjoy the forest ambiance or page through a book covered in moss! Indoors, still use your decorated tree. Keep floral arrangements as green as possible. Incorporate gold and bronze motives, but don’t be afraid to add a few touches of stronger hues – like the jewels. They look fantastic against the green surroundings!

2. Forest table settings

Decorate your tables with candles, roses and jewels – for a truly romantic feel. Bring nature in with branches, stones and florals. Cover the whole table with moss so the colours and decorations stand out beautifully. Or use the moss as a table runner. For centrepieces, use greenery, moss and flowers …a candle and flower arrangement on a wooden base could do… Play with forest colours and materials… Or use hanging centrepieces! How about jars with wildflowers… or decorating your chairs with flowers. Use tablecloths with prints from the forest… And pack out love potion bottles filled with plant-based juice!

3. Magical forest lights

Candles, candle lanterns or LED lamps are important for your forest wedding, or you could illuminate a big tree with fairy lights – glittering strings of magical twinkle lights hanging from the trees…Or instead – beautiful hanging clusters of fragrant flowers, in a little bit of colour. Super cool transparent mason jars illuminated with candles or globes, and lanterns or soft candle lighting around your centrepieces and altar. Another romantic forest wedding idea is to hang chandeliers from a big old tree!

4. Yummy forest-inspired cake

Imagine your cake decorated with flowers, moss, roses, pine nuts, or cherries. These are some of the many ingredient ideas of a dreamy forest wedding cake. It doesn’t really matter what kind of cake (or cupcakes) you have – as long as it looks as if it comes out of a fairy tale! Add subtle floral embellishments to the tiers of the cake, or maybe just a bit of greenery to make it stand out. Placing the cake on a wooden or moss-covered stand will continue the romantic forest theme…

5. Romantic forest wedding dress and crown

Pick your own theme dress. Have a look at our Dannish gown or Diva gown from our bohemian Dakota Collection here at When Freddie met Lilly. Or the Caprice gown from our romantic Indiana Collection. Imagine yourself in this Belle gown, if you cannot decide between a romantic Vintage or glamorous Hollywood look.. And don’t forget a bridal crown made from flowers and greenery! Choose between our Woodbine flower headpiece or the popular Buttercup flower crown. For your bridesmaids, pick and choose amongst our beautiful Aphrodite Collection.

There are a lot of romantic forest ideas you can think about…For the cherry on the cake, how about leaving a trail of white rose petals through the woods for your guests, instead of a trail of crumbs (like for Hansel and Gretel)…

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